About US

Our domain name softwareorb.com tells the whole story on its own. We provide freeware, shareware & trialware software with proper credit to publishers.

While writing a review about any software, we clearly gave proper credit to the owners/developers or Official publishers by mentioning their name and their website address.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have the aim to provide the software products which are most demanded & searched on the internet but difficult to download because of various known or unknown reasons.

We have experienced such download pages or download websites and realized their drawbacks and difficulties and committed to resolving all those difficulties and drawbacks in Offline Softwares. We will also upload tutorials of some tools and technologies that we consider are best and useful for our visitors and users.

Our Email address is used only by our team and any person from this email and only this one(listed previously) is eligible to contact on the behalf of softwareorb.com.

Note, we do not use public email service provider emails to contact any concern about softwareorb.com other than owners’ email addresses or addresses. Owners’ email addresses are only used to contact service providers of softwareorb.com If in future we will generate a new email address it will be listed here before use.

You can also request your favorite or desired software or application and we will put on our list and it will get more priority to be published as per the number of requests and as soon as possible.

You can request this through our contact us page and we assure you we will consider your request on higher priorities.

We are also assessing search queries through which we are keeping track of which software is next to be published as per user requests.

Please keep in mind we do not publish anything copyrighted material and will never publish any content that will help anyone to use any product illegally.

We also manage spam indexing of our Links by scrapers or spammers in Google SERPs(Search Engine Ranking Pages) and updating mechanisms in our Twitter feed to guide users to get service from our site without any hurdles.

You can follow us on Twitter here. Moreover, we are also managing traffic(number of visitors) to our website daily and check whether there is anything that’s hurting our users or our business.


Team Softwareorb