How To Add Adblock Warning Removal List In Your Browser

No matter if you have installed Adblock Plus extension in your browser, ads on some websites can still be visible.

That’s pretty annoying.

It happens because some websites can ask you to disable your ad blocker. They do so by giving you a pop-up notification when you visit their website.

Such messages are commonly known as AdBlock warnings. Now if you have your AdBlock warning removal list enabled in your adblocker, you can easily get rid of such warnings.

Today, we are going to show you how can you do that if you’re using Adblock Plus plugin.

So, before we get to explore the method, it can be helpful if you know what is AdBlock plus and how it works.

AdBlock Warning Removal List

What Is Adblock Plus?

Adblock plus is a simple extension that you can add to your web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

When it’s enabled, it blocks ads on the websites you’ll be visiting.

So, it’s kind of saves you from viewing inappropriate or unwanted ads and also saves your internet bandwidth.

That’s a plus if you have limited internet data in your package.

It doesn’t block all kinds of ads. Instead, it purely depends on the active filter lists in Adblock plus preferences options.

No matter if you have any other adblocker such as adguard or ublock origin, every one of these will have filter lists. So, they’ll only block ads related to these lists.

Some of the ads are grouped as non-intrusive and they won’t get blocked no matter whichever adblocking extension you’ll be using.

I’ll talk a bit more about these filter lists in the last section of this article.

For now, let’s look at AdBlock warning removal lists specifically.

What Is Adblock Warning Removal List

In easy words, it’s a list that saves us from AdBlock removal warnings from different websites.

It helps the adblocker to identify such websites and restrict their pop-up warning notifications.

While this list can stop warnings from most of the websites, there can still be some websites that wouldn’t allow you to visit them unless you’ve disabled your adblocker.

So, to visit such websites, you can simply disable your adblocker temporarily and then turn it back on.

The warning removal list in AdBlock plus isn’t enabled by default. So you have to make it happen if you want to get rid of warnings.

In the upcoming section, I’ve explained the same.

How To Enable Adblock Warning Removal List

If your warning removal list isn’t working when your ad blocker is enabled, it can be simply because you’ve not yet enabled the list.

You can follow the steps I have mentioned below to find this list in the filter lists of your ad blocker and enable it from there.

Follow the steps below.

1. Click on the ‘icon’ of your adblocker on the upper right corner of your browser, where your other browser extensions are appearing.

2. Here, you need to click on the ‘Option’.

3. Click on the ‘Advanced’ on the window named Adblock Plus Settings

4. Here you’ll find that ‘Adblock Warning Removal List’ is in the disabled state.

5. Click on the toggle option to enable it.

You’re all done.

Adblock Plus extension can also have another view when you click on ‘Adblock Plus Options’.

If you can find a tab named ‘Filter lists’, there will be an option to check ‘Enabled Adblock Warning Removal List

You can click on the check and it’s done. Look at the picture below for visual understanding.

Now if in any case, you’re unable to find this list in your filter lists, it can be possible that this list isn’t added in the blocker plugin.

So, before you try to enable it, you’ll be required to add that list to your filters.

Here is how you can do that:

How To Add Adblock Warning Removal List In The Filter List

1. Click on the ‘icon’ of your adblocker on the upper right corner of your browser, where your other browser extensions are appearing.

2. Here, you need to click on the ‘Option’.

3. Click on the ‘Advanced’ on the window named Adblock Plus Settings

4. Scroll down the window to find the button ‘+ADD A NEW FILTER LIST’ and then click on it.

A new dialog box will open where you need to insert the below URL:

5. Click on the button ‘ADD A FILTER LIST’ and you’ve done it.

Just like warning removal lists, there can also be other types of filter lists. Let’s explore them a bit and their purpose.

What Are Filter Lists In Ad Blockers?

When you want to control your ad blocking options, filter lists can help you. These lists are usually the instructions for adblocker plugin.

Filter lists are written by volunteers and in case of any issue, the relevant author can help to fix these.

Once you’ve figured out which list is blocking what kind of ads, you can activate lists as per your desire.

Just like volunteer authors, you can also add your own custom filter lists containing the information you want.

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