5 Ways To Block Your Internet Connection Temporarily

OK, so our topic of discussion today is “How to Block Internet Access” which is quite interesting and easy as well.

And some people might become skeptical by just even reading the title as:


Come on MAN!

You can simply turn off the router or ask your internet provider to cut off the connection.

Simple as that, SEE!

Then what’s difficult In it and why do you even need to block your internet access?

Today I am going to show you, why some easy questions like this are sometimes too diverse to deal with!

The most common reasons for blocking internet connection for anyone can be as:

  • We need to cut off our internet
  • Maybe someone is fed-up with his naughty children using the internet all the time
  • To allow only limited and specific access to someone using your network
  • To save the internet bandwidth.
  • To control specific apps to connect to your internet
  • To get yourself out of the addiction to the internet or a specific site.
  • To putt limited access to your employee

That’s why cutting off the connection or simply shutting down the router cannot be suitable in all cases.

So, you need to have more controlled blocking and I am going to share some methods which can very helpful in different scenarios.

Let’s explore these all together.

Hardware Methods to Block Internet Access

Below are the multiple methods that can limit the connectivity of the internet for different devices.

  1. Turn off the internet WLAN: This will disconnect the internet connection of the devices connected with your router through wifi. Only any computer system connected through ethernet cable will be working.
  2. Disconnect the Ethernet Cable: Only connections working through WLAN will be operational now.
  3. Kill the Router: I don’t actually mean to kill your router but instead, I am talking about turning it off or disconnecting its internet cable.

Now let’s explore a bit more detailed methods for specific usages.

Software Methods for Blocking Internet Connection Temporarily

There are always software solutions to things related to computers, These are less time-consuming and automate regular tasks for your ease & above all they can be used for multiple purposes.

Let’s read about some of the most common and working methods.

Method #1: Windows Firewall

There is a built-in app on your computer or laptop called FIREWALL.

The sole purpose of this app is to protect your system from network-based threats.

You can control who has access to your computer and what kind of access is granted. additionally, you can also use this method to block certain apps from accessing the internet.

1. To use this app, just proceed to the start-up menu of your computer then proceed to Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall

You can also proceed to this by just simply typing “firewall” in the start-up menu

Following windows will open:

2. On the far left upper corner, you can see an option saying Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall, click on this to open the following windows.


3. Now there will be a list of applications, just simply click on the Change settings and uncheck all the apps you want to disable, and then click Ok

block Your Internet Access


For example, Google news can communicate to the network on my computer, if I uncheck this and then go to open it, it will say No access to the internet.

Still, confused? refer to the below-provided video tutorial.

Method #2: Disabling a Connection by Changing Adapter Settings

Our computers are connected to networks with adapters of our computers. We can change its settings.

You can proceed to follow the path as:

1. Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre and then click on the far left upper left corner option Change adapter options, following windows will open.


2. Now click on the connection you want to disable, as I selected my network, and then the following window appeared.

If you disable this option, you’ll lose your internet connectivity through this connection.

In case you have more than one connection, you can choose to disable them all to block internet connectivity completely.

Advanced Option

Now if you want to enable this, just follow all the procedures mentioned above, and now the Enable option will be shown instead of Disable. Just click on it and you will be connected to this network again.

As being mentioned, this procedure is to disable networks one by one.

3. You can also disable all of them at once,

For that, use Windows + R to open Apps as administrator and enter the following commands

mmc compmgmt.msc

4. By clicking OK, you will proceed to follow windows

5. Click on the Device Manager and then Network adapters

6. You will see a sub-tree where you can disable all the devices by right-clicking on them and restart your computer.

In the same way, if you want to enable it, simply follow the whole procedure and click Enable instead of disabling at the end and your settings will be undone.

Method #3: Using Third-Party Applications Or Tools

There are a lot of apps available on the internet which can enable internet access completely or partially, for unlimited time or a specific time. They can be used for specific sites or for the whole network.

There are also parenting control apps that allow limited access to the internet.

I am going to list effective and easy-to-use third-party apps for this purpose.

  1. Freedom
  2. Anti Social
  3. SelfControl
  4. Cold Turkey
  5. Net Disabler

Method #4: By Using Random Proxy in Internet Connection Properties

This method is a fail-proof method and only those who have some knowledge of networks can understand and fix this.

It’s difficult to penetrate through this for a random user or kids.

So, I am going to share the method for easy understanding.

1. Go to the start-up menu and type Internet Options, open the ‘Connections’ tab.

You’ll see a window as given below:

2. Click on the LAN settings and it will open another window.

Disable Your Internet Access

3. Now uncheck Automatically detect settings and check the Use a proxy server for your LAN.

4. Then put any random address like and click OK.

5. Your internet will be disabled, You can check chrome to verify this.

6. To undo this, follow the same procedure and revert what was shown earlier.


As now you have a good grasp of all the methods and how effective these are for blocking internet access, it’s solely on your needs to choose which method you should use.

If it’s more in case you need to limit some particular apps or software for parental control purposes, it would be better if you can explore third-party apps mentioned in this guide.

These apps have way more options as compared to other straightforward internet service blocking methods.

For now, I am finishing the write-up here but in case you feel the need to ask anything, I am always up for helping you out.

You can either comment below or contact us for any of your queries.

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