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BlueStacks 2 for Windows PC – With this awesome Android emulator, you can play your favorite games not only on your smartphone or tablet but also on a windows computer.

Using Android apps under Windows is a child’s play with the help of free Android gaming platform BlueStacks. The free software is able to conveniently load and start Android applications from the Internet on your computer via your Google account.

Above all, the range of games in the Google Play Store is almost endless. In order to enable the precise control necessary for perfect gaming, BlueStacks offers various touch controls that you can drag onto the playing surface.

Functions such as “wiping”, “tilting” or “zooming” are just as possible as an analog D-pad control. Keyboard sequences to which hotkeys can be assigned are also convenient.

from the provided direct link you can download BlueStacks 2.0.2 standalone offline installation setup for Windows 7/8/10, which supports 32 & 64-bit system architecture.

A Quick Overview Of BlueStacks 2 Android Emulator:

The Android emulator Blue Stacks allows you to use Android apps on your Windows PC, For this purpose, the free program offers An Environment based on Android Operating System, through which you can play mobile games such as “Minecraft”, “Angry Birds”, “Pokémon Go”, “Bejeweled Blitz” or “Clash of Clans” or popular tools such as Use “WhatsApp”, “Facebook”, “Amazon” and “Evernote”.

BlueStacks is characterized by low latency, good graphics, and flexible control functions. Just like on a smartphone, you can download the applications you want from the Google Play Store and even download paid apps, books, music or films.

Do note that BlueStacks is financed by advertising, which means that from time to time gaming is interrupted by advertising.

If you want to use BlueStacks 2 without interference, you can get a premium subscription for a few dollars.

BlueStacks has received a lot of attention in the past few years. This was mainly due to the fact that the emulator was preinstalled on AMD computers and Asus devices.

An estimated 310 million users have access to the platform. Now the company is preparing to conquer the Windows 8 world. If the trend continues, this could possibly affect the programming landscape: Apps that work thanks to systems such as BlueStacks  2 under Windows, OS X and Android only have to be developed once. Porting with time-consuming reprogramming is no longer necessary.

How to install BlueStacks App Player On Your PC ?

The initial setup of the BlueStacks App Player is done in a few minutes: First, download the current version to your computer or your Windows 7 tablet PC and install it there. When everything is done, the BlueStack icon appears in the upper right corner of the desktop.

Starting apps BlueStacks 2 comes with a few Android apps to try out. Click the BlueStack icon to open the selection menu and start the desired Android app from there. The Bluestacks App Player automatically switches the view to fullscreen mode.

Operation: The BlueStacks Player shows a toolbar at the bottom of the screen for every app.

Additional functions are available here, How to open the app selection menu with a click of the mouse, zoom or rotate the app view or open the menus integrated into the app.

Use the arrow symbol at the bottom left of the screen to switch to the previous menu level within the app.

Load app replenishment: Those who have had enough of the included Android apps can reload. You will also receive a PIN. This allows free access to “BlueStacks Cloud Connect”. With this service, you transfer the apps saved on your Android smartphone to the Windows emulator.

Open Google Play Store and install games On BlueStacks: In the App Center, the free BlueStacks App Player presents you the interesting apps from the Google Play Store in genres like “Strategy”, “Action” or “Role-Playing” as well as the rankings “Popular”, “Best Selling” and “Trends”.

If you click on one of the apps in the preview, the Android simulator branches to the relevant page in the Play Store and you install the application or watch similar programs.

Of course, you can also search for apps and games or view the charts within the additional Google Play Store view.

Play Android Games On BlueStacks: With BlueStacks 2, you can run classic games like “Pokémon Go”, “Angry Birds”, “Candy Crush”, “Minecraft” or “Clash of Clans” as well as top applications like “Evernote”, “eBay”, “WhatsApp”, “Facebook”, “Chefkoch”, “Tagesschau” or “TV Spielfilm” on the computer.

BlueStacks is multitasking capable; that is, you can run multiple apps in parallel via tabs and even use multiple accounts.

If you want to have a real smartphone feeling on your computer, change the display from “Landscape” to “Portrait” using a toolbar.

There is also a “shake button” in the bar, which is quite useful for some apps. It is just as easy to take screenshots or install external APK files (short for “Android application package”).

Features of BlueStacks App Player:

  • Google Play is pre-installed for downloading the latest apps.
  • Offers Cloud storage.
  • It allows you to sync all the information.
  • Many positive improvements in buttons and overall user interface.
  • BlueStacks 2 is optimized for higher efficiency.
  • A Really Improved & Pleasant design than ever.
  • Enjoy the latest features from Android OS by Google.
  • A Real-time telephone feature is introduced.
  • CPU usage and efficiency is improved.
  • Better experience than a Smartphone.

PROs & CONs Of BlueStacks 2 (Advantages & Disadvantages):


  • it doesn’t allow better gaming experience than smartphone devices.
  • It doesn’t have any special gadgets.
  • it eats up your system resources.


  • It performs the job which it is supposed to do.
  • It is pretty much stable.
  • The user interface is pretty cool as compared to earlier versions.
  • The overall performance of the program is improved.

Minimum System Requirements for BlueStacks:

  • Graphics: At-least DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver is required.
  • Hard Disk / HDD: At-least 64 GB hard disk space is required.
  • Processor / CPU: At-least 2 GHz 64-bit Processor or faster is required.
  • RAM: At-least 2 gigabytes (GB).

BlueStacks offline installer for Windows PC

A Quick Review – BlueStacks 2 HD App Player:

Apart from its numerous benefits, Blustacks claims are too high, the developers are claiming that the program performance is seven times faster as compared to Android flagship.

But the ground realities are totally different, Blustacks lags on older hardware or the computer with lower system resources.

Additionally, Smartphone gamers don’t like its interface and performance as it still has some stability issues.

Despite these facts, there is no doubt about the importance of this program and the revolution it brought to the smartphone gaming industry.

if you have optimum system resources on your pc, you don’t need to worry about the performance issues of this program, it will perform well and will do the job it is supposed to do.

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