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Camtasia Studio is a great software used to record your screen and audio but also includes a complete video editor where you can edit and customize your media files and recordings. TechSmith recently released its 2020 edition & it has significant improvements in terms of video quality & overall performance of the software, stability is the factor which stands out in the latest release of this awesome video editing and screen recording tool.

You can download the latest standalone offline installation setup of Camtasia Studio from direct resume-able links provided below. (The installer supports x64 bit system architecture only) the x86 / 32-bit architecture isn’t supported anymore officially.

Camtasia Studio LogoBy : TechSmith Corp.
Size : 271 MB
Updated : 3/15/2020 (10:57 PM)
Version : v9.1 (2020)
License Type : free

Main Features & Functionalities Of Camtasia :

When you’ll open Camtasia, a start-up dialog box opens “get started” choose what to do. Click on the new project to open the main Camtasia interface to start editing your media. Click on a new recording to use Camtasia screen recorder and start recording your own screen or any audio etc.

if you have any Camtasia project saved you can straight open it by checking the list under recent projects or use open projects to browse for it. before starting you have to import your own media files such as videos, pictures, and audio inside the timeline below which is the heart of the video editor. on the far left under the media tab browse for all your files to import.

inside the library, you have a list of a video background and audio samples. inside Camtasia, you can import by clicking and dropping them on the timeline below. to import media from your computer instead you can simply drag and drop them directly on the timeline. all files imported inside the timeline are collected inside the media bin panel on the left and are contained inside several rows also called tracks. each file is represented as a rectangular block called clip with the file or sample on it. then if the clip is related to any video or image file it will show small thumbnails on it. it’s very useful to recognize each clip.

If you have audio clips, its sound waveform is shown. if a video clip has audio inside, you will see both thumbnails and sound waveform on it. if the clips are extended too much in time, just regulate the timeline zoom by using the zoom bar right on top.

The preview on top is very important while creating your videos. this shows the overall content inside your timeline exactly where the main playhead is placed so click on the timeline to preview a particular frame of your video or click and drag the playhead to check your video more carefully onwards or backward. consider both, the file name and its thumbnail will be hidden when they meet the playhead. to fully playback your project instead use the player right below the preview.

lets better check the timeline. all the tracks inside it or equal but indeed their order is very important. for example, if you have video or picture clips that do overlap during the time the preview shows the clips placed on an upper track always above the clips are on downer tracks in position.

also, each track has two great options to manage your timeline content. The eye icon is used to enable or disable the track. a disabled track hides all its content inside.

The lock icon below locks the tracks which means that you will no longer be able to edit its content until you unlock it.

To insert new tracks or delete one just right click on a vacant space .under select area choose the full screen to record your whole computer screen adapting the video size to the screen size as it is or else click on custom to personalize the recording area by checking the overall resolution under dimension where you can eventually lock or unlock the aspect ratio. under-recorded inputs click on the camera to enable or disable your webcam.

if enabled, Camtasia will record both your screen and your webcam. Click on the audio to enable or disable the recording for the audio part. also if you click next to the audio button you can choose whether to record or not the system audio and the sound coming from your microphone each.

more on the right, regulate the volume to be applied to the audio. you can adjust other important settings going to tools and then to options. look at the most important ones. under the general tab, you can choose whether to record an AVI or a TREC video file.

The AVI file is a video that you can straight playback or upload online but does not let you record both screen and webcam at the same time. to do so you need a TREC file. TREC files are formats managed by Camtasia only.

it is very useful to record both video inputs. in fact when you import this file into the timeline by choosing in the video independent clips which are shown. one for the screen recording and the other for the webcam. the TREC file can’t be used directly outside Camtasia.

So you have to render it through the share button before using it. then under the input tab regulate the frame rate for your recordings. by choosing in the list or typing inside.

To start recording just click on the record button after a short countdown. Camtasia will hide on the taskbar. when you open it you can use its interface to delete, pause, resume or stop the recording to save it. the recording done will be added inside the media bin panel ready to be imported inside the timeline. if you don’t know where recordings are saved, just go to open file location. so This was the short intro about Camtasia. Enjoy The latest Camtasia studio, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

in-case you are a beginner or aren’t familiar with this tool you can watch this video tutorial. it’ll sure help you to understand how TechSmith Camtasia works.

PRO’s & CON’s (Advantages and Disadvantages) of Camtasia Studio :


Camtasia offers a bundle of editing and capture tools which are unmatched by similar applications and the end results are the best in the line-up


the only disadvantage is you cant schedule automatic recording without digging deep into the system files.

Camtasia Studio System Requirements for MAC OS & Windows :

Camtasia for MAC OS :

  • Core i5 processor with 4 CPU cores
  • Mac OS 10.11
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB of available disk space
  • PowerPoint import requires PowerPoint 2016 Mac

Camtasia for Windows / PC : 

  • Microsoft Windows 7 sp1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (64-bit version only)
  • 2.0 GHz CPU with a dual-core processor
  • integrated graphics are acceptable
  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • 2 GB of hard disk for program installation
  • dimensions 1024+786 or greater


Techsmith camtasia full for pc torrent download

Camtasia Video Editing & Recording Tool – A Quick Review :

There is no doubt about the fact that TechSmith Corp has created an all in one (AIO) solution for professional video editing & recording tool in the form of Camtasia, but there are some drawbacks of this software too like you can’t run this tool on older hardware’s as the support for old hardware & the software are revoked in the latest release, apart from that this edition uses way over system resources than it ever used before, despite these two issues the overall performance of this software is increased dramatically in terms of quality there is no match to Camtasia for sure.

Studio (2020) free Download

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