CorelDRAW X6 Download For Windows [32/64 bit]

Just like the previous versions, Corel Draw x6 for PC also came with a lot of uproar and speculations.

People were really looking forward to the new updates and we’re excited to find out what had been changed and how the latest release was different from the predecessors.

Many features seem to be due for a long time. But overall, designers, both professionals as well as hobbyists seem to be quite satisfied with the package that has been presented.

In today’s review, we will be going over all the significant features of the Corel Draw 16.0 graphics suite to determine whether it truly is worth the hype or uproar or not.

You can download a full clean malware-free CorelDraw X6 offline installation setup from the below provided direct high-speed resume-able link.

A Quick Overview for Corel Draw X6 :

The most anticipated feature i.e. management of 64 bit operating systems and the use of multiprocessing has finally been introduced by the CorelDraw x6.

This is great news for professional artists who have to work with large-sized images on a regular basis, This will surely speed up their work and allow them to get more work done in a small amount of time.

You will notice that opening and closing large-sized images do not take long when using the Corel Draw X6. A handful of new tools have also been added to this version.

All of these tools are quite intuitive in nature so the artists no longer have to do everything by hand, For the people who use Corel Draw for photo editing, the developers have finally introduced a couple of specifications that will allow users to crop and remove sections of images quite easily.

All in all, the update overall is a great release and comes with a handful of features that have been highly anticipated for quite some time now.

Key Features :

If you are looking for a quick overview of all the features that Corel Draw has to offer, you are at the right place. Here are some of the prominent and notice worthy features that you will find in this release:

1. Checking Alternatives:

Some artists like to compare a couple of designs side by side while working. The Corel Draw x6 features an OpenType feature that allows artists to compare different stylistic variations without having to change their original work.

You can check as many style alternatives as you’d like without having to make the change in the actual design.

This will allow the artists to visualize the final result with ease so they can get a comprehensive idea about what the end result will look like or what type of variations are even possible.

2. Power Clips:

Power clips are also a feature that has been added to the Corel Draw version x6. With this feature, users are free to set a frame, Once a frame has been set, they can drop content in the frame so that it can be resized and aligned with ease.

This feature also allows the artists to resize and fit the content into small and compact places. The overall end result will look balanced and aligned with respect to one another.

This feature is not restricted to text only and can also be used with images and clipart etc.

3. Corel Connect:

Corel Connect is another commendable feature that has made it through Corel Draw x6. It is actually a diverse and continuously growing collection of artwork including clipart and other pictures.

An amazing aspect of Corel Connect is the fact that users can also use it to search for resources on other platforms and websites etc.

When they find something they like, Corel Connect also allows them to import the resources straight into their workspace.

4. Object Manager:

The Object Manager is a tool that places all the features of the object in one place and makes them easy to access. This way the artists do not have to go back and forth in search of object-related features as all of them can be seen in one place.

Users also have the freedom to apply these styles in the workplace to get an idea of the different possibilities and variations.

5. Color Harmony:

The Color Harmonies feature is also an amazing addition. You can drag any object into the color harmonies section, it will automatically adjust the color palette to provide the best possible option and the most optimized color combinations and finishing.

PROs :

  • Powerful and easy to use vector drawing tools
  • Makes organizing and accessing resources easier.
  • Allows searching for clipart and images and adding them from external sources.
  • Object Manager displays all the settings related to an object in one place.

CONs :

  • The user interface is quite complex and complicated for a newbie.
  • The tools are useful but not intuitive.
  • Corel Connect’s drag and drop interface tends to get stuck at times.

Minimum Hardware Requirements for CorelDRAW X6 :

  • Processor : Intel®Pentium 4, AMD AthlonTM 64, or AMD OpteronTM
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, or Windows® XP, all the recent service pack updates are supported.
  • RAM: A minimum of 1 GB RAM is required.
  • HDD : 1.5GB hard disc space.


Corel Draw x6 is not perfect, at least not yet, But this cannot deny the fact that it comes with some of the best features and facilities that any Corel Draw 16 update has seen so far.

The interface is quite complex but once you get the hang of it, you will never go back to using the previous versions of Corel Draw or using any other tool.

It is a release that is recommended for both beginners as well as experienced artists and experts. But the interface is quite complex and so is figuring out the different tools.

This is a process that will take some time but once you figure out the tools and the overall interface, you will be able to make full and efficient use of the tools and resources.

The features of this release surely make things a lot easier for the artists and designers.

Download For Windows [32/64 bit]

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