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A new era of gaming has been started with the release of all-new dx12 version, as it has the ability to boost the gaming experience dramatically, DirectX 12 is fueled by a new technology introduced by Microsoft called as the “Variable Rate Shading” AKA VSR, PC gamer has a detailed article on this technology explaining why this tech has been revolutionary for the gaming community.

You can download the latest DirectX 12 standalone offline installation setup file from the provided direct resumable link, which supports both (32bit & 64 bit) operating system architectures.

Officially direct x comes in as online installation setup, which requires an active internet connection.. but we have created this safe offline installer which can be used on multiple computers without internet access.

How to install Direct X ?

  • Simply download the setup file “we have provided above”
  • After that, start the installation setup as an administrator.
  • Proceed with the installation by following on-screen instructions.
  • A dialogue box will appear on screen saying “the installation has been completed successfully”
  • The Final step is to Restart your computer after the setup is completed. “IMPORTANT”.

Detailed Overview of DirectX 12 :

When an architect decides to build a building, he or she doesn’t just start building. It has to be designed first. It requires blueprints and if the building is especially tall it requires several hundreds of blueprints.

Same goes for game developers, they don’t simply envision some epic game and then immediately begin playing it.

Ridiculous and heading serious developer would be offended if that was all but you thought they add to connect this analogy blueprints for game designers are API’s (application programming interfaces) Direct X as we know it today is a library packed full of API’s and without it most of the games you likely play wouldn’t exist.

Simply when a programmer writes a code within direct 3d that requires a solid sphere. Let’s say to rotate Windows will utilize the direct X 3d API to instruct the primary display device typically a dedicated graphics card to execute the program code.

For instance, the code may require the use of shader pipelines within a GPU. If however your card was not designed with either direct X 11 or 12 in mind windows and in the case of direct X 12, Microsoft Windows 10 will inform you that no discrete display adapter is available to utilize that API. a picture like a foreign language the ARAFA card cannot comprehend nor interpret.

Well direct X has evolved from its early 2 & 3 versions up to its pre-teen years hardware has dramatically increased but this is actually on purpose, Graphics cards are growing more and more powerful by the second. Every new release is a giant leap forward the GTX 1080 is a prime example.

Now what direct 12 seeks to do primarily two things. Substantially larger deal of graphics rendering responsibilities directly upon the CPU and increase the number of fully UI CPU cores.

This reduces CPU bottlenecking and latency obviously while at the same time maximizing graphics card. Hardware asynchronous compute 2 comes to mind but that is for an entirely separate crash course.

DirectX 12 is also the reason many assume the FX lineup notably the FX 6300 and the FX 8350 would have a sudden resurgence thanks to their many integer courses and while this may be the case is theory we have yet to fully understand how the 12th version of direct 3d utilizes these relatively weak courses as more direct X 12 based games are released.

This should become more clear but in the case of graphics processing, DirectX 12 undeniably favors AMD. This isn’t just coming from a scientific standpoint that world observations out there as well. In this scenario, it’s the API that favors the graphics hardware although you could look at this from a different perspective that Nvidia CUDA technology wasn’t changed to a great enough degree to benefit from direct X in the same way AMD has.

DirectX 12 System Requirements :

it will work on following operating systems :

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10.

in short, If your computer can run a compatible version of windows, it can run DirectX 12, but if your hardware doesn’t support dx12 it won’t simply run. The setup will install an older version on your pc.

You might need to consider updating your drivers too, & unfortunately, not all the graphics cards are supported – visit the official website of your graphic card manufacturer to see if your card is supported or not.

Directx 12 Download

Microsoft DirectX 12 Review :

it is undoubtedly the best direct x edition till now because it can boost pc gaming experience up to 30% which is awesome, dx 12 contains VRS technology (also known as) Variable Rate Shading which has the ability to boost rendering performance and quality to full extent, VSR boosts rendering performance via applying full GPU shading horsepower (both ways) to detailed areas of the scene and less GPU horsepower to the less detailed areas.

despite the technicalities and enhancements, direct x 12 update is a mandatory thing if you want to run latest games on your pc. yes ! all the latest games require dx12 in order to run, if the dx is missing you’ll likely to have compatibility issues & eventually you won’t be able to run latest games on your PC.

The latest DirectX12 can provide you higher Frames Per Seconds and lower latency while playing games. Above all, you won’t require a new graphics card to avail Most of the DirectX 12 features.

DirectX 12
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