Download & Install Miracle Box Setup Tool v3.21 Thunder Edition [LATEST]

Miracle box is a professionally made, all-in-one tool that carries out almost all the necessary tweaks on your mobile device.

It is a one-stop that has access to your applications and services, Android devices with Qualcomm or MediaTek chipsets are highly supported by this toolbox.

They both are open source chipsets that make changes in your Android devices easily and for free, Many users suffer to keep up with all the functionality and processing since they don’t have everything in a single place. That’s where you may need a miraculous thing “Miracle Box” in your life.

If loads of your work is done on a PC, then you must have a setup for the Miracle Box tool.

With this, you can access your mobile devices via USB, and perform difficult operations related to your operating systems.

In this post, I will walk you through significant details of the miracle box that you must know before installing this tool.

What is Miracle Box Setup Tool?

Miracle box, just as its name suggests, is a miraculous tool that gets into your device’s system partition. That’s where you tweak changes or apply modifications as per your choice.

You can perform quite risky and attention-worthy tasks using a miracle box. Such as clearing your device’s Private Code and bypassing the Factory Reset Protection, etc.

Although it will be done efficiently, Another very crucial use of the miracle box is flashing or reformatting smart devices. You can also perform these from your mobile devices, but those are pretty basic.

When Do You Need a Miracle Box Tool?

Keeping up and making a successful hold on multiple modifications and updates on your android devices can get very frustrating, especially when you are not a tech-savvy person, so you need it then.

Google-owned operating system “Android” has an astounding modification list that keeps on lengthening with updates.

The most significant ones are the unlocking of the bootloader and getting administrative-level privileges by the device system root. Both of them need their own application files to be dealt with.

That’s exactly when you need a handy and portable tool such as a miracle box.

Moreover, you can do flashing of your smart devices as well, But This is not only its use.

There are even more cool features and functionalities of the miracle box which are worthy to know

So let’s keep learning.

Important Features of Miracle Box:

Following are in-depth details of Miracle Box’s functionality and features that you must know. Let’s read what this setup tool has got.

1. Bootloader Unlocking Capability

Any device’s modification requires you to unlock the bootloader first.

If you don’t unlock it, your preferred changes can never be made. Carrying out this critical process might take much of your time and effort.

But with the miracle box’s bootloader unlocking feature. You can have all your preferred changes and modifications done with a single click.

This single-click solution brings about modifications smoothly and you don’t have to hassle.

2. Formats a Device Efficiently

Just like bootloader unlocking, the Miracle box tool setup is perfectly capable of formatting a device for the data partition.

Data partition is required to bring about modifications sometimes.

You have an option to format your device on your own using the System option of your device. But that requires a lot of your attention.

This tool offers a single-click solution for your data to be formatted successfully.

3. Temporary Rooting Capability

It doesn’t matter how risky the root process can be, Some people still consider root will be the best option for them.

The miracle box tool allows you to temporarily root your device to another device for making necessary changes.

You will be given a limited time frame to make the modifications and get done with them. Indeed, temporary rooting is a great feature of the miracle box application.

4. Successful Rooting Removal

Due to linked risk factors, not everyone wants to work in a rooted ecosystem, Of course, rooting has various functioning advantages, But having this feature permanently can steal your mental peace while being at work.

This is where a handy tool like a miracle box comes to the rescue.

Just launch this tool and remove rooting functionality & Now you are safe and good to work.

5. IMEI Restoring Capability

Your smartphone’s EFS partition has International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number which is very crucial for your device to sustain.

So when you get access to the device partition to make changes, There are chances that you mess up and your mobile’s IMEI is on the verge of getting lost or formatted.

Corrupted EFS settings can mess up your IMEI code and you might end up losing it, God forbid if you lose it.

Well, this is where you need a miracle box to restore your device’s IMEI.

6. By-Passing FRP Gmail Account Replacing Factory Reset Protection

The factory reset protection feature of Google lets you sign in to your recent Gmail account.

So, you can sync your activities again to your account.

Especially after formatting or resetting your device, you need to login into your Gmail account.

However, for some reason If you forgot to sign in, miracle box can help you out.

This application is capable of bypassing the FRP Gmail login from your device quite efficiently.

7. Fixing Corrupted Operating System Files

Undoubtedly, the miracle box tool has several useful services to offer, It even replaces certain functionalities of stock OS in order to improve the performance.

Another additional functionality of this free tool is that it fixes corrupted operating system files.

This tool can also change system apps, Especially those that tend to control onboard cameras, etc.

8. Flashing and Data Transferring

Besides many other functional features, the miracle box is widely known for its flashing capability and data transfer.

Users can switch from stock OS to community-developed OS versions smoothly with this free tool. These versions usually have advanced features and speeds.

So, users get benefitted in many ways.

9. Advanced Diagnostic Features

The professionally crafted interface of the miracle box has multiple sensor readings that give regular and exact diagnostic reports.

These reports help tech-savvy users to troubleshoot intermittent operating systems or any other issues.

Its diagnostic listing panel has an array of multiple tools kept in 11 different tabs, Just so you could access everything easily.

The wired connections can be taken care of with the help of a USB.

10. Compatibility with All the Latest Versions of Microsoft Windows

The best thing is that the miracle toolbox can be perfectly accustomed to all the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

You may easily install the set-up of this tool in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

However, you must have 1 GB Ram in your device’s system to successfully install this software application.

11. Easy To Install

Yet another feature that you are going to love is the easy and efficient installation process.

Users are required to follow on-screen instructions that are quite simpler, Even a naïve can do that correctly.

This straightforward installing process doesn’t exhaust you at all. Like many other tools or applications.

How To Download and Install Miracle Box Setup Tool?

Now that you have enough understanding of the miracle box setup tool. You might have anticipated the need for this tool already.

Let’s walk through the installation process.

As we discussed earlier, a miracle box is extremely easy to download and install.

Before you attempt to download it.

Make sure the availability of these:

  1. You must have a Windows PC.
  2. Only Qualcomm and MediaTek devices will be supported.
  3. Download and install the drivers on C:// Drive. Your main drive.
  4. Make sure to turn off antivirus

Now, follow these two easy steps to install the miracle box:

  1. Remove any earlier installed edition of the Miracle Box Setup tool. “IMPORTANT
  2. Download Miracle Box Setup V3.21 (Latest Version) Miracle Thunder Update.
  3. After downloading, Extract the zip file of the miracle box.
  4. Run, installation using the setup.exe, & follow on-screen instructions.

Please Note: Now you can use Miracle v3.21 without a box “activation required only”.

You can also update from v3.20 to v3.21, simply Download Miracle Thunder Update, and Extract all the files inside – C:\Miracle Team\Miracle Thunder “Directory“.

That’s it.

Miracle box should be installed on your PC to work around.

Earlier Released Builds :

Download Miracle Box v3.20 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.19 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.17 (Full Setup
Download Miracle Box v3.13 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.09 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.08 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.07 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.06 (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.04: (Full Setup)
Download Miracle Box v3.00: (Full Setup)

Miracle Box Setup Tool Changelog:


  • VIVO S7T/ S9E/ IQOO U3 is now Supported.
  • Xiaomi Redmi X10 5G is now Supported.
  • MTK Meta Mode GENERIC MTK improved & Supported.
  • IMPROVED Qualcomm Auth Identification.
  • Meizu New Models Supported (Free Server)
  • Xiaomi CC9/CC9 Pro Supported.

SoCs Supported :

  • Mediatek MT6761
  • Mediatek MT6755
  • Mediatek MT6757
  • Mediatek MT6737
  • Mediatek MT6735
  • Mediatek MT8163
  • Mediatek MT6771
  • Mediatek MT6580
  • Mediatek MT8695
  • Mediatek MT8173
  • Mediatek MT6765
  • Mediatek MT6761
  • Mediatek MT6739
  • Mediatek MT6763
  • Mediatek MT6757
  • Mediatek MT8127
  • Mediatek MT6768
  • Mediatek MT6873
  • Mediatek MT6785
  • Mediatek MT6572
  • Mediatek MT6582

New Supported Devices:

  • Micromax V407
  • Hisense Infinity H30 Lite
  • Hurricane Curve
  • ZTE A5 2019
  • GTEL A713
  • iLA R1 Lite
  • Intex Elyt Dual
  • Symphony E95
  • Masstel Tab7Plus
  • LAVA Iris Z41
  • HURRICANE Freedom
  • BLECK Element
  • Helio S10
  • GTEL A727
  • Vivo X50
  • KIOWA X4 Cristal
  • Itel A62
  • GTEL A717
  • KIOWA S5
  • Infinix X650
  • LAVA Iris 53
  • STYLO Ruby
  • LAVA R3 NOTE (LE9810)
  • Vivo IQOO Z1X
  • Ocono U2
  • Coolpad 1824-S0
  • HAIER G157
  • HURRICANE Infinity
  • Vivo iQOO 35G PD1955F
  • GTEL MX4
  • BLAUPUNKT SLplus02
  • Buzz 2 Ace
  • GTEL A7100
  • Vivo X50 pro
  • Vivo IQOO3
  • Symphony Z12
  • Symphony V99
  • Ocono N2
  • GTEL MX6
  • Leagoo Z9
  • MARLAX MX102
  • Vivo X50 pro plus
  • PREMIO 186FT1080231
  • Primo H8 Pro
  • GTEL Vivo 3
  • Itel P36 (W6501)
  • GTEL X2 Mini
  • Wise Tech A1
  • Vivo IQOO5 PRO
  • DOOGEE X12
  • ACER T09
  • HOOZO HZ0010
  • Vivo S7_5G
  • Swipe Elite Plus
  • GTEL A704i
  • Turbo-XZ
  • IRIS G7060
  • itel A55 LTE
  • OALE P5S
  • GTEL A770
  • ILA E1 Plus
  • QMobile HD Plus
  • Vivo NEX3S
  • BLU C130EQ
  • DIGI C1
  • Vivo Y20(PD2034F)
  • GTEL X5 Pro
  • KUDAE K10
  • Lenovo K9
  • NOUS-NS5001
  • KIOWA A5 Cristal
  • KIOWA A5
  • GTEL A714
  • Vivo IQOO U1
  • Sharp Z2 FS8002
  • GTEL X6 Mini
  • Infinix S5 X62A
  • Vivo Y20i (V2027)
  • Haier P11
  • PREMIO S72
  • Infinix X606B
  • GTEL X5 Mini
  • Vivo IQOO NEO3
  • NETSURFER 175HS1050231
  • ZTE A5 2020
  • Teclast M20 4G
  • HURRICANE Galaxy
  • UEG Freedom 5.0
  • Infinix X606
  • HURRICANE Sprint
  • Vivo iQOO Neo 3 5G
  • Micromax N4120
  • BLU G0290WW(G90)
  • Helio S20
  • Vivo Y30
  • Alba A5
  • Vivo Z6
  • STREAM S40285
  • WALTON Primo R5
  • DOOGEE S90 Pro
  • KIOWA X5
  • MELROSE 2019 GO
  • ALLCALL Hot 5
  • KIOWA X4
  • GTEL A718
  • Vivo IQOO5
  • WALTON Primo S6
  • GTEL A7101
  • DOOGEE Y10
  • PREMIO P610
  • Prestigio PMT3418_4GE
  • Hurricane Infinity
  • ALTICE S11
  • HURRICANE Ignite
  • FIGI Mtwo
  • QTab V500
  • MELROSE G15(S9)
  • GTEL A728
  • Just5 M503
  • GTEL A705S
  • GTEL X2
  • KURIO KR070
  • MobiWire Kicka 5
  • Vivo IQOO U1X
  • Tecno KB2J
  • HURRICANE Flame Plus
  • itel A44 Air
  • Infinix S5 X652
  • VOTO V3
    BLU C110(C5 2019)
  • Symphony Z20
  • Vivo Y20s (V2029)
  • MELROSE 2019
  • MYRIA L500
  • MELROSE K15(S9)
  • ALIGATOR S5065
  • Motorola E6 plus
  • Condor T8 Plus (SP641)
  • Vsmart Active 3
  • KURIO 01516
  • Vivo V15 Pro (PD1832F)
  • Vodafone Tab Grand 6
  • Vodacom Kicka 5
  • Mobicel 4U
  • CHUWI Hi9Air
  • Evertek M10
  • GTEL A737
  • BLU G0250WW(G70)
  • ADVAN 6002(G3 Pro)
  • IRIS G7100
  • Wiko Wim Lite
  • TP-Link TP910A
  • GIONEE F10 Plus


eMMC ISP Support Added :

Read/Write/Format/FRP/Mi Account/Factory Reset & much more.

VIVO Unified:

VIVO Qualcomm Unified
VIVO Mediatek Unified


  • Oppo 2021 Security Reset is now supported.
  • OPPO Realme Factory Reset Supported for “All New Models” (Meta Mode).
  • Oppo/Reno/Realme Models are now supported (Meta Mode) Reset on Android 9/10/11 OS.
  • Oppo Reinvented eMMC 5.1 & UFS 2.1 is now Supported
  • Supported Security 2019 / 2020 / January 2021
  • OPPO Android 11 UFS Factory Reset is now supported (Meta Mode).
  • No Need for Authorization for Oppo Reset.

Reinvented eMMC 5.1 & UFS 2.1 is now Supported:

  • MediaTek Helio G85
  • Mediatek Helio G70
  • Mediatek Helio P70
  • Mediatek Helio G90T
  • Mediatek Helio G80
  • MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G
  • MediaTek Helio G35
  • Mediatek Helio P90
  • Mediatek Helio P95
  • MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G

No Authorization is required for the following Xiaomi Devices:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 9A Xiaomi Redmi 9C
  • Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6A
  • Xiaomi Mi Play
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9

How to Use Miracle Box Tool – A Step By Step Approach

Using a miracle box is not something very technical or complex, Few clicks and you are good to go with this tool.

The miracle box tool serves to perform various operations.

Below are the steps to carry out flashing! Let’s see how to use this box tool for flashing.

1. First Launch Miracle Box Tool

After you downloaded the whole tool setup and the zip file, etc. It is time to launch miracle loader .exe to further work on this tool.

2. Open Dashboard

The very next thing you will do is open the miracle box dashboard. Now go after getting there, look up all the options available. Search for flashing unlocked functionality.

3. Make Settings for Flashing

Now go to the Reading and Format options there on the window.

Select all your required options to carry out flashing. Such as your Android, MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, Unlock, Repair, Read, and Format Flash Options.

4. Connect Your Device Now

Now that you have made settings for your options. It is time to use a USB cable for connecting your device to the miracle box tool.

When you get successful in establishing the USB connection.

Then select the Port option and Connected USB drive option.

If your laptop doesn’t have USB drivers. Then you must install them before you use the USB connection. It is the requirement.

5. Make Changes in Firmware File

After having a successful USB connection. Go to Unzip Firmware files.

Now select Program, Reprogram, and Patch File, each after one to finish things off.

The changes made will bring the EDL model in front of you. Here you need to tick mark the settings.

6. Press the Start Button

After making the above-mentioned changes successfully. You will see a Start Button below the other options, precisely at the end of the Window.

Press that button to finally jump to unlock the flashing feature.

Have a look at the left status bar.

7. Flashing unlocked, look up to it!

That’s all. The flashing is unlocked. Now you may tweak any changes or modifications.

Look up your device to check the flashing status.

Note: 2 Things to Consider

You need to take care of the following few things before flashing your phone:

Make sure to create mobile data backups to avoid any type of disappearance of your phone’s data and other stuff. Your phone’s data might be a stack.
Solve any chipsets error using authentic Firmware.


If you want all the modifications and problem-solving approaches kept under a mutual stop, Then installing a miracle box is the best idea.

as you can perform numerous operations like; flash, bootloader unlocking, etc, to make your work easy and going.

I hope that the above details of the miracle box will be helpful to you.

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