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Usually, people ask Where Can I Download Windows 10 ISO? & look for safe sources to download Windows 10 ISO full version for free, so here we are providing clean malware-free untouched windows 10 home edition bootable ISO file which can be used to install windows 10 on your PC / laptop or on any supported hardware.

There are many versions you have used before but now Microsoft has developed a new version after Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and which is known as Windows 10.

There are many builds in Windows 10 Like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Enterprise edition, and Windows 10 Pro but now we are talking about home, So I’m going to put light on it! by the way, if you don’t have a product key for activation of Windows 10 you can buy it from this official link.

From the below provided high-speed download link, you can download the latest bootable Microsoft windows 10 home edition x86/x64 bit for free.

By: Microsoft Corp.
Size: 3.71 GB 64 bit & 2.77 GB 32 bit.
Updated: 08/29/2018 (3:40 PM)
License Type: shareware.
Language: English.



Overview of Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition :

It is the most secure operating system ever. If you are using it then you are protected from viruses and harmful files. You have to attach your Hotmail account with your operating system to make it more secure and protected, In case of data loss, you can sync your PC with your one drive account. Yeah! you can sync your files including photos, videos, and documents to the one drive.

You don’t need to get worried about your files, in case of any disorder or stealing you can recover all the data through your Microsoft account. One drive keeps all the data safe for a lifetime.

You can personalize your desktop screen with beautiful accent colors. You can add a lock screen background to make it more attractive. You can manage all the users of your PC if you are an administrator.

You can track your PC activity through the account you have attached with your operating system. You’ll find a lot of features like Cortona, App Store, weather forecast, 3D editor, painting, screenshot, multi-tasking, sticky notes, pandora, Microsoft office, and much more.

Windows 10 Home functionalities Or Features :

There are some features that are not available in windows 10 home and that are domain join, group policy management, bit-locker, enterprise mode internet explorer, remote desktop, client hyper-v, and direct access.

Let me put light on the features and functionalities :

Some Additional Features: There are many functionalities you have never seen before. You can add a virtual private network to browse your sites safely and privately. Before developing any hardware and software, developers and manufacturers take care of everything, that’s why they have developed a feature of the night light that is valuable because it protects your eyes from harmful rays.

In case of sharing files and the internet, you can use Bluetooth and a mobile hotspot directly at the corner of your taskbar.
Battery saver is the other best feature which assists to save your battery.

For Example : If you’re working on a document and due to low battery your work gets spoiled then in that case you lost your data. If you turn on battery saver then it will notify you to charge your laptop. It stops background apps to make your battery more good.

Have you ever used Microsoft or windows phone? You’ll find beautiful tiles of your apps on the desktop screen. In windows 10 home you can also add tiles to your desktop.

Pros & Cons of Windows 10 Home (Advantages & Disadvantages) :

Pros :

  • It is a secure operating system for your PC. You can catch theft in case of robbery or stealing.
  • You can add multiple desktops in Windows 10 to do multiple tasks.
  • You can directly transfer or view your applications by synchronizing your phone with your PC.
  • Play Xbox games, run applications and enjoy the podcasts.

Cons :

  • You’ll get many updates because Microsoft developers are struggling to make it more user-friendly but in each update, there must be an error or bug.
  • Your PC must be with good specifications because Windows 10 is heavier than other operating systems.
  • You’ll find more battery drainage because It consumes more battery than other operating systems, due to the background apps.
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We have also posted Windows 10 AIO (all in one) edition earlier on site which can be used to install multiple editions of Microsoft windows.

A Short & Quick Review of Windows 10 Home edition :

This is the modern age and now you can enjoy with games, applications and other assets. It offers you many functions and features to make your life easier.

You’ll find pre-build applications and features. You don’t need to download a browser, Microsoft Office, and others because It has already Microsoft edge, one note, one drive, maps, a mailbox, and much more.

You will get file explorer and media explorer in which you’ll find all photos, videos, and other files in a single place. There is another awesome application that would be very beneficial for your daily life like a wallet that manages your credits. Money is another application that manages your expenses and savings. You can directly read your daily news updates. There are many other additional features but I can’t discuss each of them in a single article.

Windows 10
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