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Some people still have old hardware on which windows XP works well for them or in some cases they are just so addicted to it that they can’t think of any other updated windows version, so for those specific users, we have provided Bootable Microsoft Windows XP ISO Professional image which contains integrated service pack 3 upgrades. SP3 is the latest version of the Windows XP series which contains all the features from the original service pack 1 and service pack 2, as you may already know that it is no longer supported officially by Microsoft, so you will need to install this fully updated latest build of Professional Windows XP edition to run your favorite third-party apps.

Download the free bootable full version of Windows XP SP3 ISO from below provided single & direct resume-able download link, This original & official bootable iso image file of Windows XP supports both x64 & x32 bit architectures.

By: Microsoft Corp.
Size: 617MB
Updated: 9/15/2018 (12.32 AM)
Version: SP3 integrated
License Type: free

Windows XP ISO – A Quick Overview :

It is the 21st century and you cannot ignore the fact that time is passing very quickly. I remember this edition of windows was a big revolution in the history of technology because it was the first Microsoft Windows that was lighter and had an attractive graphical user interface.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is introduced by Microsoft 14 years ago so obviously there were a lot of things that were outdated but later on they released sp3 which has all the updates which are required to support the latest software and security concerns. The most revolutionary thing you’ll find in server pack 3 is the WiFi support feature.

If you’re running a business or you need speed with a simple graphical interface then I’ll recommend you to use Windows XP because It is the only operating system that is simple and speedy as well.

Your computer will never be stuck, you can do your operations easily. Windows XP SP3 is amazing and best to use for home, business, or any industry.

How to install Windows XP using the iso file?

  • Download .zip “file” from above & extract to get .iso “file”.
  • After that Download Rufus for making a bootable USB flash drive or a DVD “choice is yours”
  • insert a blank writable DVD or connect a USB to your PC.
  • Then run “Rufus tool” > choose iso-image “which you have downloaded & extracted earlier”
  • Select the device or media you want to make bootable “DVD / USB”
  • Click the “Start button” & wait for the process to complete.
  • After the process is completed > Your device should be bootable by now & can be used to install the XP (operating system).

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key :


Please do note the key provided above is only the Installation key which can be used to install windows XP this cannot be used for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA) or activation of Windows XP online.

There are some of Windows XP’s key features given below :

Microsoft Windows XP Features & functionalities :

The first most loved feature or functionality is its fast startup. Your PC will be turned on completely in nanoseconds if you are using Windows XP. It will never tease you in updating or in a startup.

Advanced portable support is another best function, Yes! your PC will allow you to use any portable device. You can use any portable device with your XP OS. You can use an external mouse, keyboard, drive, and much more.

An automatic wireless connection is supported. You can use wireless connections like WiFi etc.

When I was using Windows XP for the first time, it was new for me that is the only reason it takes a lot of time to understand then there was only one thing that assists me a lot and that is its help and support feature. Yes! I used its help and support guide and it helped me in every operation whether I was stuck anywhere. If your PC is showing any bug or error It’s troubleshooting feature will try to resolve your problem.

As you already know that every product is good and bad for some reasons but here I’m going to give you some Pros and Cons of Windows XP :

(Advantages & Disadvantages) Pros & Cons of using Windows XP :

Pros :

  • Internet connection firewall feature is available which is a very important feature to have in terms of security & threats which can harm your pc. It will never allow any harmful client to connect to your PC. Your upcoming users will be prohibited to connect to your PC. Its firewall is the only reason a hacker will not be able to view, delete, or steal your files.
  • Remote desktop access is the feature through which you can connect to any server or client’s computer. In training or using Windows server, remote desktop access assists you in every way possible.
  • Remote installation service is the feature through which you can install a window and further programs to the client-server through your centralized location. It is the most important feature of networking.

Cons :

  • it is not compatible to run heavy software and programs. It is no more capable to compete with new windows editions like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Another reason for which users are tired of Windows XP is that It’s not able to provide the latest windows updates, & It doesn’t have features, like Bluetooth, hotspot, VPN, app store, XBOX Games, etc latest builds of windows OS has.
  • Windows defender and bit-locker are not available in Windows XP and no more authentications through which we can secure our computer that is the only reason we get rid of it because It is not a secure operating system as compared to other latest options available.
  • No more games are supported by this edition because It is lighter and simple & doesn’t have the ability to support the latest pc games.

System Requirements for installing Windows XP (applicable for all editions) :

  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 512 Mb.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB available.
  • Graphics Card: Super VGA (800 x 600).
  • Processor: Pentium III.
  • Connectivity: Internet Availability.

A Short & Quick Review of Windows XP :

If you’re wandering here and there to find the operating system which is lighter, faster, and simple to use then I’ll insist you use Windows XP PRO because It is the lighter operating system edition. Even if you are turning on your PC your startup will be very faster.

Automatic software installation and maintenance is another important functionality available in this edition of windows. Your software will automatically be updated and maintained. You’ll never be asked to choose the manual installation. Everything will be on autopilot.

If you’re using a PC for study purposes or business purposes then obviously you have to set up a PC that is faster, easy to use & can run all the basic applications like Microsoft Office, etc.

You can customize your Windows startup according to your own desires. You can personalize your desktop with beautiful wallpapers, screensavers, and themes.

Windows XP
Bootable ISO file free Download

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