Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Complete Guide

Escape from Tarkov is an unparalleled giant of the first-person shooting games, The highlighting feature of this gaming arena is the presence of engaging maps.

These maps play a vital role in keeping the players engaged. These are sometimes also referred to as a ‘maze’ in view of their complexity, This article details a guide to escape from one of its most played maps – interchange.

Before moving towards the actual point of interest, let us first have a look at almost all the worth visiting locations of the interchange map Tarkov.

Believe me, you will be tempted to explore them right away.

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map

What Do Players Need to Know About Interchange Map?

The interchange map features a realistic view of a huge shopping mall and its surroundings.

Here is a precise introduction of all the important shops, landmarks, spawn points, extracts, loot spots, features, and keys that one must know before playing interchange.

Famous Shops

The map is overcrowded with a number of shops. However, IDEA, OLI, and Goshan are the three main stores inside it.


There are several important landmarks on the map. These are significant because they help you locate yourself in case you lose track.

Let us now introduce you to the location and importance of each one of them.

1. Power station

A power station is located on the north-eastern side of the idea store. It provides the mall with the required electricity and is an important landmark on the map.

2. Two large signs

These large signs play a vital role in helping you identify where you are.

3. Trains

Trains moving here and there may also be used as a reference point to keep yourself aware of the confusing routes and complicated gameplay of this game.

4. Checkpoints

Checkpoints like emercom checkpoints are further created to aid easy navigation and also to be your guide.

Interchange Spawn Points

Like a determined player, you must be very well aware of all the spawn points that exist.

Spawns are broadly divided into two points. Here is a brief introduction to each one of them.

Have a look at it and always be mindful of their location when playing this tricky game.

1. Emercon side

These spawns occupy the north and west walls of the map. These are possible areas of danger and allow access to a ramp that directly takes you to the OLI’s warehouses and valuable loot areas.

2. Railway side

This spawn point exists on the eastern and southern side of the mall’s walls. Never forget to quickly pass this spawn otherwise you may fall prey to a sniper’s attack.

Interchange Extract and Exfil Points

Interchange extracts are divided into four key areas. A description of each one of them is provided right here to help you know more about the escape from the Tarkov interchange.

1. Railway Exfil

Railway exfil is located on the southwestern side of the map. It is a dangerous route, therefore, be aware of the risks and try to reach the extraction point as fast as you can.

2. Emercom Checkpoint

This checkpoint is on the northwestern side of the interchange. It is closer to the exit and is thus comparatively safe. However, you will always have to keep an eye on the bushes since the enemy can possibly hide behind them.

3. Power Station

It lies in the southwestern corner of the map. The long escape time of this extraction makes it difficult for the player to pass through it without any harm.

4. Hole In The Fence

It is present on the west wall of the map. It is too tiny that one can never pass through it with a backpack. Therefore, if you choose to escape out of this exit, you will have to prepare yourself to lose your loot.

5. Scav Camp- Important Interchange Extract Point

It is a “luck by chance” kind of an exit that requires a scav camp. For this, you must first find a player-controlled scav who does not want to shoot you in any case. You will find this exit right behind a blue cargo container present near the military tents on the highway.

6. Interchange Saferoom Exfil

This is a warrior’s exit that requires you to jump a few hoops before you actually reach the exit spot. It has a complicated route and always gives you a hard time. You may reach it after passing through the power station, ultra-mall, burger spot, and men’s toilet. Yes, it is as complex as that.

Valuable Loot Spots

If you have carefully studied the above-mentioned key points, you surely deserve to know about the valuable loot areas of this map.

All of them are rightly summarized below. Have a look at them and stay ready to loot them like a pro.

  • OLI store – it is an ideal spot for getting your hands-on fuels, motors, fuel canisters, and bolts.
  • Ultra-Market – this area is rich in loose pieces of technology. Spawning cards are also occasionally found here.
  • KIBA – rare weapons, back cage, loose attachments, and repair thermal scope is often found here. However, it is quite impossible to deceive the alarm alert that triggers when you open its door.
  • Power Station – it is a hub of toolboxes and jackets.
  • IDEA Store – this area is quite rich in toolboxes, rare spawns, and electronics
  • Goshan Store – players loot this store for gold coins, Rolexes, and bitcoins.
  • Emercom – it is a center of medical supplies, med bags, jackets, and weapon crates.
  • Mantis – loose loot, duffle bag, jackets, med bag, and a gold chain are available here.
  • ADIK – Duffle bag, armors, rare spawns, a backpack, hat, and some loose loot are right here.

Killa – Scav Boss

The Scav Boss – Killa roams around the first floor of the mall. He is heavily equipped with the most powerful weapons and is a serious threat to even the best players that play this game on a daily basis.

However, killing this beast can help you secure a huge amount of valuable loot.

His presence dominates the gameplay making interchange one of the most praised maps of escape in the Tarkov series.

Other Features and Usable Keys

There are several other things that you must know before you decide to play this game. Such as, the presence of alarms that are able to alert others of your presence. These alarms basically contribute to making the game even more challenging and interesting than ever.

Several usable keys are also an important part of this game.

Here are the details of each one of them.

  • OLI office
    It is the key to the OLI office administrator.
  • Log office
    This is the key to the logistics department office
  • OLI Ut
    This key is for the utility room of the OLI outlet.
  • Pow Ut
    You may need this key to unlock the utility room of the power sub-station.
  • Pharmacy
    This key unlocks the pharmacy as its name suggests.
  • KIBA
    It unlocks the KIBA outlet.
  • KIBA 2
    It locks and unlocks KIBA outlet grate door
  • MES
    This key is required to lock and unlock EMERCOM medical units.
  • OLI
    This key is for the OLI’s cash register.
  • IDEA
    It belongs to the IDEA’s cash register.
  • Goshan
    It locks or unlocks the Goshan’s cash register.
  • Med St.
    It is the ULTRA medical storage key.
  • #21WS
    It is a keycard for object 21WS.
  • #11SR
    It is a keycard for object 11SR.

Winning Tips and Tricks

It is not easy to win this game even though you will only have to defeat a limited number of players.

However, there are certain tricks and tips that might help you secure a notable position if you are just a beginner.

These are listed as follows.

Have a look at them and try to follow them while playing this entertaining game.

  • Always keep your ears open to the sound of gunshots and footsteps.
  • Be as careful as you can when moving towards the extraction points.
  • Equip yourself with the best possible loot.
  • Be aware of snipers.
  • Stay patient and wait for the enemy to display impatience.
  • Attack without any fear and never forget to get your hands-on jackets, helmets, hats, medical supplies, backpacks, and med bags. These will make your survival easier.

The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov.

Interchange Map incl. Loot and Keys from r/EscapefromTarkov

How long is an interchange raid?

Each interchange raid lasts for 55 minutes only.

How many players can be on interchange?

A total of 9 to 14 players along with multiple NPC scav spawns are a part of each raid of the interchange map.

How to escape the Tarkov interchange map?

Honestly and precisely, the only key to escape the Tarkov interchange map is to know all about the landmarks, spawns, exits, locations, loot areas, usable keys, features, and tricks to play like a pro.

Only then you will be able to escape out of this complicated maze successfully.

If this article has helped you find answers to your questions about the escape of Tarkov – interchange map, do not forget to let others know about this valuable piece of information.

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