How to Fix Origin Stuck on Resuming Download

Origin users often complain about the ‘ download stuck on resuming ‘ or the ‘download stuck on preparing‘ errors.

However, these errors mercilessly murder the thrill and excitement one experiences when he decides to download his favorite video game.

Download is stuck on “Resuming” from r/origin

Have you also gone through this unfortunate situation? If yes, then we are here to help you deal with it.

But before we proceed any further, we must first cater to all the basic queries that have been popping in your head right now.

So, let us be your guide, we will provide you with the most authentic solution ever.

origin stuck on resuming


How To Fix Origin Stuck On Resuming?

This solution will help you fix the error for all your favorite games like; Apex Legend, Battlefield, etc.

Origin store is truly a blessing but not for those who often question themselves that why is origin not downloading my game?

If you also stand in the queue of such beings, we are here to find an answer to this why.

So, before moving towards the actual solution, it is your right to understand why do these errors occur.

Here is a list of the most usual reasons behind this common trouble.

Read through them and try to understand why origin is not downloading games on your device.

Fixing the ‘Stuck on Resuming’ error

Apex Legend, Battlefield, and every other game available on this platform display high-quality graphics that are popular and have enthralling gameplay.

Despite that, it is likely to get stuck because of some error or any other technical issue. At times, the ‘origin download failed’ message also pops up on your screen.

Such complications are quite difficult to handle but not anymore. This article lists a few effective solutions to this issue.

Have a look at each one of them and follow the listed procedure correctly to get a step closer to playing the game of your dreams.

  • Terminate the downloading process and close the origin store
  • Open the task manager to close all apps running in the background. Do not forget to close the origin launcher or all the processes belonging to the game that you want to download.
  • Make sure that your device is connected to a powerful internet connection.
  • Then reboot or restart your device and open the origin launcher once again.
  • Restart the download.
  • If the issue still persists, go to My Library
  • Right-click on the game and select repair

Additional Fixes :

  • Additionally, Try to check/repair the game files as occasionally due to some unfortunate reasons, the game files might become corrupted or missing.
  • Close all the processes running on your PC  by Going to Start > Type Msconfig > Open System System Configuration window > Services > Checkmark the option ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ > Click’ Disable All ‘> Click on the Startup > Open Task Manager > Right-click on every listed program and then click Disable > Close Task Manager > Click System Configuration > Click OK for changes to take effect.

In this way, you will also be able to defeat the download stuck at 0/bs error.

Try it out and let us know about your experience. You will never regret following this suggested procedure. In fact, you will be glad at how we have saved you from wasting your time and effort.

Common Origin Stuck Issues and How To Fix Each One of them: Preparing, Update

By now, you must have understood the above-mentioned details. If yes, then you might be thinking about the most common issues that users face while preparing the download or while installing a new update.

The two most common ones are clearly discussed in this section of the article.

Have a look at them and prepare yourself to fix them on your own.

1. Overloaded Origin Cache

Overloaded origin cache makes it difficult for your device to prepare itself for a download. In that case, the download either takes too much time to begin download or it completely fails to begin the process.

The stuck screen annoys the user and he ultimately decides to terminate the download.

However, the right way to tackle this issue is to restore the default origin settings.

To make it happen, you will have to follow the following steps. Do not miss out on any one of them, it will never let things work.

  • Close the origin window properly.
  • Press window key and ‘R’ simultaneously
  • A dialog box appears on your screen. Type %Programdata%/Origin and press enter
  • Select and delete all files and folders except for a folder named LocalContent.
  • Open the folder and look for a file named ‘Mass Effect 3’ to delete it.
  • Again, press the Windows key and ‘R’ together
  • Now type %AppData% and press enter
  • This will navigate you to the inside of the Roaming folder in the AppData folder of the C drive.
  • Delete Origin folder from there
  • Go back to the AppData folder
  • Open the Local folder to delete origin from there as well.
  • Restart your device to see if the issue has been resolved.

2. Origin update not working or taking too long to get done

Updating the origin store takes a few minutes only. In case it takes too long, or it stops working you may feel anxious and irritated.

The only way to save yourself from this trouble, you will have to delete and reinstall the origin store once again.

It will surely save your time and efforts from getting wasted.

To download it, you must head over to

Note: The above-mentioned solutions are not effective for handling the origin stuck error for a specific game. These are equally likely to work for all games that you may download from the Origin store. If you do not believe it, you may try it out yourself.  It will help you believe in the suggestions we provide.

FAQs for Origin

If you are a random surfer who has no idea about the Origin store, here is a section dedicated to helping you introduce yourself to this amazing platform.

Read through it and get ready to dive into a whirlpool of video games.

1. What is Origin?

Origin is simply a heaven for all video game maniacs. This platform allows its users to download and play the video games of their choice.

2. Which games are available on the origin store?

Apex Legends, Star Wars, Need for Speed, FIFA, Plants vs Zombies, Anthem, and many others are a part of this amazing platform.

3. Can I use the Origin Store on my mobile only?

This platform is compatible with almost all mobile and desktop platforms. You may access and use it for Windows, Android, iOS, or MacOS.

4. How many times can you download a game from the origin?

Origin never creates any such issues for its users. If you have linked a game to your account, you can download it as many times as you may need.

5. Are there any free games available on origin?

Origin store is flooded with a number of free games. In fact, I will have to write a separate article to present a huge list of free games available in this store.

6. Do I need to spend hours downloading a game from the origin?

If you have a powerful working internet connection, the origin will barely take a few minutes to download any game.

7. Is it risky to download games from the origin?

Origin is powered by EA and is safe to use.

8. Do errors in download or update of a game put a question mark on the origin’s credibility?

Errors or bugs in a game never reflect the credibility of any digital distribution platform. These rather prove that even these extra-ordinarily perfect games are developed by intelligent humans who are likely to make mistakes.

9. How can I restrict origin from updating my games automatically?

To make this change you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to Origin Settings
  • Click client update and go to Automatic Game Updates
  • Switch off these updates and you are done with it.

10. How can I transfer games from one origin account to another?

It is more about a simple copy and pastes mechanism. The steps involved are given below.

  • Copy all files provided in the folders of your Origin folder.
  • Paste them into the new computer
  • Start downloading all games one after the other.
  • When two to three MBS of a game is downloaded, pause the download.
  • Right-click on the game and select repair.

if you still have confusion, have a look at this video tutorial

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Final Verdict

Every problem has a solution, no matter what. Therefore, when your origin store gets stuck, patiently handle the situation. Surf and search for some effective solution and follow it properly. You will soon be able to fix it without any loss of data.

The troubleshooting guide provided here in this article is a tried and tested one. It actually solves the issue. Try it out and let us know about your experience. Also share it with others around you.  It will help them stay safe from this kind of annoyance.

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