Fix PUBG FPS Drop: Step by Step Tutorial for PUBG Frame Drops Issue

Shooting games are known for their power to trigger an adrenaline rush. One such sensational video game is PUBG.

People belonging to almost all age groups are addicted to the interesting gameplay of this action-filled entertainer.

However, the only annoying part of this game is that it lags a bit too much.

PUBG stutters & FPS drops from r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

There are several possible reasons why users experience a sudden FPS drop in PUBG mobile.

This article presents a well-researched list of factors that contribute to making it happen.

Let us now have a look at them in detail.

Do not worry, a quick fix to all listed issues is also provided right here.

Simply read through this article to get to know how to fix high ping in a PUBG mobile emulator.

Fix PUBG FPS drop Issue

Why FPS Drop Suddenly While Playing PUBG Mobile Or PC Emulator?

Before we move towards the actual point of concern, let us first understand the basics of finding answers to this most researched query.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

What is a PC emulator?

If you wish to play Pubg on your PC, you must first install PUBG mobile emulator on your system.

This emulator basically equips your system to run programs for another platform.

In other words, it gives your computer the ability to run PUBG.

What is PUBG Mobile Stuttering? Is it the same as PUBG Mobile FPS Drop?

You must have heard players ranting about a term called PUBG stuttering. You might have confused it with FPS drop as well.

Let us burst the bubble now.

Stuttering occurs when your system’s or cell phone’s hardware hangs up in view of insufficient RAM.

You may think of it as one of the possible reasons behind the FPS drop that you experience when playing PUBG.

What are the Possible Reasons behind FPS drop in PUBG :

There are a number of reasons behind this issue. Some of the most highlighted ones are discussed here in this article.

Have a look at them. These will help you identify the possible cause behind why FPS drops suddenly in PUBG mobile ?

Note: queries like how to fix FPS drop in PUBG mobile emulator? Or how to increase FPS in PUBG mobile emulator? are also provided in this section of the article.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Games like Pubg feature advanced audiovisual effects. These contribute a lot in making this game unable to display its best using a poor internet connection.

Technically, a poor internet connection drops the rate of frames transferred per second. This, ultimately, makes it impossible for the game to run smoothly.


The only solution is to shift to a better internet connection right away. You will observe a significant difference instantly.

2. Stuttering

We are habitual of overburdening our system by running multiple programs simultaneously.

However, high graphic games like PUBG require a lot of their device’s RAM to run smoothly.

This forms one of the most common reasons behind the sudden FPS drop that we experience while playing PUBG on our cell phones or PC.


An effective way to prevent PUBG mobile stuttering is to clear all the running apps and unnecessary files on your device before you begin to play a game like PUBG.

You may also turn off notifications for the apps like WhatsApp, messages, or Gmail, that continue to run in the background and may potentially cause a drop in FPS.

3. Bugs, Errors, and Viruses

Bugs, errors, and viruses never leave a chance to disturb your device’s performance.

These greatly diminish the working ability of your system making it unable to handle the strenuous task of running a game.


You may take help from a powerful anti-virus program.

It will equip your system with the ability to remove or destroy bugs, errors, or viruses as soon as they try to take hold of your device.

4. Overheating

PubG addicts barely pay attention to their device’s well-being.

In fact, youngsters are such crazy maniacs that they never even hesitate to play PUBG for ten to twenty hours continuously.

This puts your system at risk of getting overheated. An overheated system, in turn, functions poorly leading to a sudden drop in FPS.


Try and identify this issue immediately before your device gives up.

Never forget to give your device some time to cool down.

It will automatically restore its performance letting you play your favorite games without any hindrance.

5. Coding errors in the recent update

Updates reflect an addition or omission of a feature or functionality in a game.

These changes are brought about by developers who change the code of these games manually.

Any mistake or error in the code can certainly destroy the game’s performance on your device.


Be patient and wait for the next update. Constant complaints will compel the developer to publish another update within a few hours.

6. Hardware Problems

Failure of a single microchip in your processor or malfunctioning of a tiny wire can directly impact your device’s overall performance.

This, in turn, makes it impossible for the device to handle a game like PUBG.


Try running a hardware troubleshooting program. In case it does not make any improvement, take your device to the nearest repair shop and get it fixed.

7. Power conservation

When your device is running low on battery it tends to conserve its power by exhibiting a slow performance.

This often disturbs you while you are about to win a chicken dinner for yourself.


Never let this trouble waste your time and efforts and keep your device charged all the time.

Note: this issue is common with people who play PUBG on mobile or laptops only.

8. Outdated Graphics Drivers

Your graphic drivers, graphic card, and your device’s ability to handle PUBG graphics matter a lot in increasing PUBG FPS.

Outdated graphic drivers will never let you play PUBG without any lag.


Update your graphic drivers as soon as the new update arrives.  It will save you from bearing the consequences of this delay later.

9. Device Incompatibility

From the version of MS windows to your apple or android version, everything makes your device able to install and play any video game smoothly.

If your device is not compatible the game will either run slowly or it will not run at all.

Be mindful of this factor and save yourself from having a bad day.


You may start using some other device that is compatible with the game or you may update the software of your existing device if possible.

A Quick Step by Step Tutorial to Fix PUBG FPS Drops:

Use a Custom FPS Cap

  1. First of all, go to C:\Users\<Your PC Name>\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ (Replace Your PC Name) with your own computer username.
  2. Locate the file named as “Engine.ini” and open it.
  3. Add this code FrameRateCap=0 to the bottom end of the Engine.ini file.
  4. Save changes.

Disable full-screen optimization

  1. Navigate to the game installation folder usually located at : PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
  2. Locate file named as “TslGame.exe” > right-click on it, and select properties.
  3. After that, move to “compatibility tab” and click “Disable Fullscreen Optimization” feature.
  4. Apply the changes and click ok button for changes to take immediate effect.

Steam Custom Settings

  1. Navigate to the steam library, locate and select PUBG > Right-click on PUBG icon and select properties.
  2. Now navigate to the general tab and look for the “Steam Input per-game settings option.”
  3. Select the “Forced off” and click the OK button for changes to take effect.

if you are still unable to solve the problem here are some good recommendations on Reddit.

FPS Drop issue in Other Games and Their Fix

FPS drop issue is not limited to PUBG only, Almost all online gaming forums are literally flooded with queries about what causes FPS drops in Fortnite?

Honestly, whether you are playing Fortnite, PUBG, or any other similar video game, you may experience a sudden drop in FPS owing to the factors mentioned earlier in this article.

Just pay attention to these details, identify the issue first, and get it sorted.

Do check out this quick video tutorial for some actionable tricks to improve the fps rate.

If this article has helped you find an effective solution to the identified issue, do not forget to share it with others in need.

Have a happy time playing PUBG!

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