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If you are a music producer then you might be familiar with FL Studio which is absolutely one of the greatest digital audio workstations developed by image-line in 1997. The software is nothing new as it was first released with the “FruityLoops” name around 23 years ago with some basic music production features.

So, what really makes FL Studio so interesting, and how many music producers actually use it? Some famous names in the music industry such as Hit-Boy, DJ Mustard, Cardiak, and WondaGurl claim to use FL studio for top-notch music features.

The software is packed with a hell of a lot of features that we will be discussing later in this article. This digital audio workstation (DAW) comes with a pretty sleek interface that is easy to understand but of course, it takes time to master all the functions. So, without any further ado, let’s check what else has FL Studio brought for us.

You can quickly download fl studio 11 from the direct resumable link, we have provided below.

Fl Studio 11.1 Update Supports Windows 7, XP, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.

A Brief Overview of FL Studio 11.4

FL Studio has recently released their all-new 20.8 version but still, if you want to rely on FL Studio 11.4, there will be no issues in using this previous version as it includes almost all features required by music producers.

The best thing about FL Studio is that it supports plugins and generations. These plugins are written in their own native architecture. This large collection of plugins by different contributors make FL Studio even more special while expanding its capabilities far beyond just audio effects.

As we now have a pretty basic understanding of FL Studio, let’s move forward to its highlighted features which makes it special.

FL Studio 11.4 Key Features:

The FL Studio 11.4 is packed with a ton of audio effects and features that we do not normally see in other audio editing software such as audacity. Let’s have a closer look at the program specifications.

Lots of Virtual Effects

If you are looking for an abundance of sound processing effects then FL Studio 11.4 has got your back. It includes almost all basic to advanced audio effects that are used by music producers. To name a few of its effects, it includes chorus, compression, distortion, equalization, vocoding, delay, flanger, phaser, reverb, gate, and maximization.

Interactive Interface

The interface is easy to understand if someone is familiar with different musical elements that are placed there. You can arrange these elements according to your best needs but the interface itself is very intuitive. Retina-class monitors are considered the best to work with FL Studio for music production.

In a basic FL Studio interface, the toolbar is located at the top, the browser tab is on the very left side where you can browse different music files, the playlist is at the bottom which covers most part of your screen while the mixer and channel racks are spotted right above the playlist. All these elements can be rearranged according to your screen size.

Easy Learning Curve

There is no doubt that FL Studio developers try to oversimplify things so that any small music producer can also utilize maximum features. The understanding of your audio interface is extremely important if you want to make use of your audio instruments.

Moreover, there are plenty of tutorials available on youtube that will introduce you to each element of FL Studio separately so that you can easily produce your desired beats and music.

Smooth Workflow

The FL Studio provides you a fairly smooth environment with less complex features and tabs that are self introductory. The beat progressions can easily be created by using the “copy to next pattern” feature. It is also pretty simple to drag and drop any sounds into the playlist without much hassle.

The tools above the playlist are pretty well aligned as we mostly see them in image editing software where all relevant tools are placed closer so that the user can easily navigate through them.

Flexible Pricing

The FL Studio comes in its 4 popular editions. Editions like the FL Studio Fruity edition are meant for small music producers who are okay with limited playlist features and they do not need any recording capabilities.

FL Producer Edition is the most popular among the 4 of them. This edition is suitable for all music producers who want to create full-length songs with mic recording features. FL Studio Signature bundle comes with all major features, plus it also has a bunch of preloaded paid plugins.

Lastly, FL Studio All Plugins Edition, which is only suitable for big producers and studios who deal with different types of music and tools. You can access all native plugins by buying this Edition which includes probably everything that a large-scale music producer needs.

Pros & Cons (Advantages & Disadvantages) of FL Studio 11.4

Overall FL Studio is a great DAW tool for many music-producers but it is also disliked due to some of its cons. Here are both the good and bad sides of FL Studio:


  • Excellent Mixing Environment
  • Powerful Virtual Studio Technology
  • Simplified Interface
  • Excellent Presets
  • Multiple Formats Supported


  • Poor Automation
  • Poor Console Integration
  • Workflow is different than other DAWs

What’s Special About FL Studio 11.4 Version?

FL Studio 11 is pretty old, as it was first released back in April. 2013. The version came out with a number of enhancements such as multi-touch support and better tempo automation. Moreover, some popular plugins also came up with this version such as BassDrum, GMS, Patcher, and Effector.

The system requirements for this version were also very thin along with its simple interface which made it a special version that is still in use by various producers.

Minimum System Requirements for FL Studio 11

  • OS: Windows 10/XP/Vista/7/8 Operating System is mandatory.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of random access memory is required.
  • HDD: 1GB of free hard disk space is required.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or later from Intel.

FL Studio 11.4 download setup

A Quick Review – image-line Fruity Loops 11

For all electronic and hip hop producers, FL Studio is a great option to go with. Some people compare it with Abelton but both of this software keep their distinct features.

FL Studio is excellent for electronic music and it incorporates all those features that a music producer might need with its wide collection of native plugins.

These plugins are pretty handy as they can help facilitate the music production process.

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