5 Best Photoshop Alternative Programs for Photo Editing

It doesn’t always have to be Photoshop! Optimize, edit and retouch your photos like a professional with these free Photoshop Alternatives.

Top 5 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Image Editing

Due to high subscription costs, many amateurs & even professionals are forced to look for free alternative programs to adobe photoshop.

So let’s check our top picks:


The best known free alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. While the program by Adobe often only runs reliably on modern PCs, GIMP impresses with significantly lower system requirements.

Switchers can easily open and edit the PSD files used by Photoshop. Use filters, brushes, and tools to change and optimize your images as you wish.

Working with layers and a color depth of up to 32 bits complete the program. While experienced users make full use of the extensive range of functions and expand them via plug-ins, the tip of the day and the very active community help newcomers with the first steps.

Photoshop Alternatives - GIMP

Download GIMP for Mac – Photoshop Alternative
Download GIMP for Windows – Photoshop Alternative

2.Ashampoo Photo Commander:

Ashampoo Photo Commander is beginner-friendly and should not be underestimated. The toolbar contains all the tools you need to get started with image processing. The pre-made effects save a lot of time and can also be applied to individual areas of the image.

For special occasions, use the functions slideshow, album, collage, calendar, panorama, map. Even batch processing and working with RAW recordings are possible with the software and thanks to various DualView views you always have the optimal before-after comparison.

Photoshop Alternatives - Ashampoo Photo Commander

Download Ashampoo Photo Commander – Photoshop Alternative


Krita brings many functions from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to one surface. Thanks to various brush profiles and vectors, the program is ideal for design and drawing work. But also the image processing is not neglected: Under the point G’MIC-Qt there are over 400 impressive filters, frames, and effects.

You can adjust the options to suit your needs. The program supports RAW files and the portable version of the software is also ideal for on the go.

Krita for PC

Download Krita for Mac – Photoshop Alternative
Download Krita for Windows – Photoshop Alternative

4.Photoscape X:

The latest version of the old-fashioned Photoscape is impressive. Thanks to the clear layout with riders, newcomers can find their way around very quickly.

Thanks to numerous filters, light effects, and frames, your pictures will shine in new splendor in the extensive test version.

There are many tools available for photographs of people, such as the red-eye tool and the skin softener. The integrated option of screen capture is also very practical, which makes additional software unnecessary and saves storage space.

Photoscape X

Download Photoscape X for Mac – Photoshop Alternative
Download Photoscape X for Windows – Photoshop Alternative


Paint.NET has more in common with the Windows classic than just the name. The simple operation enables newcomers to optimize images in a very intuitive way.

In addition to the usual functions, the program has a solid selection of effects. The basic functionality of the software is somewhat limited, but with the right plug-ins, you can easily expand the functional scope.

One of the most important extensions is the 8bf filter plugin. This enables the installation of Photoshop extensions in Paint.NET.

Paint.NET image editor

Download Paint.NET – Photoshop Alternative

Final Verdict :

Professional image editing does not have to be associated with high costs, the tools presented to show that Both beginners and experienced photographers are guaranteed to find something among the free programs.

If you would like to delve deeper into the world of image processing, you will find further extensive freeware and exclusive special versions, which you can only download for free from our website.

In addition to generously equipped all-rounders, you can also expect programs that focus on specific areas of image optimization.

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