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Disk defragmentation allows you to defragment the scattered or fragmented files on your hard drive so that they occupy the adjacent locations. This reduces the amount of time system takes for writing and reading the files on your drive. Defragmentation frees up space and greatly enhances the overall processing speed of your system. There are many tools available which allow defragmentation but when it comes to efficiency, defraggler is probably the best one out there. If you are running out of space or facing slow processing speed then you might want to try out this tool.

Piriform Defraggler Overview :

Developed by Piriform, Defraggler reduces the size taken by files on your disk and speeds up your system by assembling the files that are scattered all over your drive into adjacent locations. When we write certain files on our drive, the system copies them on random location. This randomization affects the overall performance of the disk drive. it scans these randomly stored files and rearranges them in an organized way. it comes in both editions paid & free edition “we recommend” use of defraggler pro edition because its better than free edition because it has a lot of features.

Windows comes with its own Defragmentation technology but it is not as efficient as Defraggler. It misses out lots of memory locations and partially defrags the disk. Also, there are times when you don’t need to defrag the entire disk but only a specific file or folder. There are many tools available which offer defragmentation but most of these tools only support the defragmentation of entire drive.

This can be really time-consuming. Defraggler’s uniqueness comes from its ability to specify the specific files, folders or drives that you want to defrag. This sets it apart from its competition.
Defraggler comes with a drive map which shows the exact locations in your drive which are empty or need defragmentation. This gives you a general idea about the specific location that you want to defrag. For reading or writing data on your drive, defraggler uses the same technology as Windows. It is as safe as windows when it comes to transfer of data.

Features of Defraggler :

Defraggler is packed with some quite remarkable features.

  • Organize scattered file to free up space.
  • Speeds up the processing speed.
  • Drive map shows the complete stats of drive.
  • Safe files reading and writing technology.
  • Can defrag specific files or folders.
  • Can perform Quick defragmentation to optimize your system in less time.
  • Full scale defragmentation rearranges each file in contiguous locations.
  • Comes in over 37 languages.
  • Supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems.
  • Highly interactive and friendly interface.

System Requirements of Piriform Defraggler :

Operating System  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or above.
RAM 256 mb (minimum)
Hard Disk Space 100 MB for the Installation.
Processor 1 GHZ Intel single-core at-least or faster.

Defraggler Professional Review :

Defraggler is a must have application for both normal users as well as system admins. You can have total control over every bit of your drive and customize it the way you want to. Hard disk optimization is a really important thing that should not be neglected. Free up space and improve the processing speed of your system by defragmenting it with Defraggler.

2.22 Free Download

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