3 Best Methods to Print Large Images on Multiple Pages

Consider the scenario that you have a massive photograph that you’d like to print. Perhaps it’s a photograph of a map with a 2000*2200 pixels resolution, or it could be a photograph of a building, or anything else. The below methods will help you to find out “how to print large images on multiple pages?”

Naturally, you could print the picture to a single page of A4 or Letter paper, but this would result in a loss of a great deal of detail in the process.

3 Best Ways To Print Large Images on Multiple Pages

You may not have realized that you can use simple software like Microsoft Paint to print large images on several pages. There are a variety of different options available to assist you to print large images easily.

Method 1: Using Paint Application

Step 1: To begin, launch Paint by entering the word “paint” into the Search box on your computer’s desktop.

The Paint program should now be open on your computer’s desktop.

Step 2: Open the picture that you want to print and click on it. To do so, select the File tab from the ribbon by clicking or tapping on it. Then click or touch on the Open button.

Step 3: Select the image you wish to print from your Windows PC or device by browsing your files. When you have made your selection, click or tap Open.

You should now be able to see your image loaded in Paint.

Step 4: Now that you’ve got your picture open in Paint, let’s get started. Once you’ve told Paint that you want the picture printed on several pages, you may move on to the next step.

Step 5: To do so, select Print from the File menu on the ribbon by clicking or tapping on it. Page Setup may be found under the Print menu, which can be opened by clicking or tapping.

Step 6: The Page Setup dialogue box appears on the screen.

There should include a component named Scaling with other printing settings like paper size, orientation, and margins.

Note: To print your large image on many pages, all you have to do is inform Paint that you want to resize your picture to “Fit to” as many pages as you like and then press “Finish”. To print your picture on four pages in a rectangle, for example, you need to use the “Fit to” box to enter the values two by two pages in the “Fit to” box.

You may input the numbers you require based on how wide or large you want your picture to be when printed, as well as how long and broad it is, among other factors.

Step 7: You may save your selections by clicking or tapping OK after you’ve determined how many pages you want the picture printed on.

Your Settings are saved.

Paint understands that you want to print the picture on many pages, so it does so. The only thing left to do is to begin the printing process.

Step 8: On the ribbon, select the File tab and then Print. You may also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + P.

Step 9: If you have more than one printer installed, choose the one you wish to use from the drop-down menu. Then click or touch on the Print button to begin printing.

Step 10: Prepare to have enough sheets of A4 paper on hand to allow your printer to print your image successfully.

Method 2: Using Spread Sheet:

Step 1: To do this with Excel, start by creating a new Spread Sheet.

Step 2: Click on Insert and select Picture.

Step 3: To resize the picture, drag the bottom corner up or down. As you can see in the image below, the inches will appear when a tooltip as you drag the cursor over them.

Your picture will print across many pages, and you will be able to piece them together when transferring them. Wide margins appear to work best in this situation, so make use of them.

Method 3: Using Adobe Reader

Step 1: First of all, Convert Your Image to a PDF file.

Step 2: Selecting the poster option will divide a single image into many pages.

Step 3: Increase the time scale, which will result in the document being divided into multiple pages.

Step 4: To print a document, click on the Print button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to print certain pages from a PDF?

How To Select PDF pages to print and save them?

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Reader or Acrobat to view and print the PDF.

Step 2: If it isn’t already open, click the Pages tab on the left-hand side of the document window to get started.

Step 3: To print the page thumbnails, hold down the Ctrl key (on Windows) or the Command key (on Mac OS) while clicking on them.

Step 4: Select File > Print from the menu bar.

Step 5: Select OK or Print from the drop-down menu.

How can I print only particular pages of a document?

To print particular pages from a document, use the following syntax:

Step 1: By hitting Ctrl + P, you may bring up the print dialogue box.

Step 2: Pages can be selected from the Range section of the General tab.

Step 3: In the text box, enter the page numbers you wish to print, separated by commas, one for each page you want to print. To indicate a range of pages, use a hyphen (-).

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