2 Ways to “Save Chrome History” on Windows 10

Everything you search online using your Google chrome browser goes to Chrome History.

The browser keeps recycling the searched content after 90 days. It means you lose your searched items when 90 days are over and the cycle starts again.

If you are struggling to save your chrome history and couldn’t find any way out. Then you have landed in the right place. I will help you find authentic ways to save chrome history.

Before we go ahead and explore methods to save chrome history. Let’s first tell you why you need to save chrome history.

What Is Chrome History?

Your chrome history is a record-containing page on your browser. It displays all the web pages that you have recently visited or visited in the last 90 days.

Except for the searched items you went through using the incognito mode.

Where Do You Find Your Chrome History?

Now that you know what chrome history is, let’s tell you where you can find it in your browser.

Here is how you can access your chrome history:

1. Go to the desktop of your computer.

2. Open Google Chrome.

3. Press “Ctrl+H” on your keyboard.

4. It will open the chrome history window in a new tab.

The Chrome History will appear with all the recent searched items listed. Now you may look for the URL you want.

Why Do You Need To Save Chrome History?

If you use computers excessively to meet your work deadlines or if your professional life requires you to do over-searching and over-browsing.

Then there are chances that your search history keeps piling up with loads of searched items and the important searched URLs can dump down.

Since google chrome history keeps the searched URLs for 90 days only and after that, it gets rid of all the items recently searched.

For multiple work purposes, what if you need to access the URL you searched 90 days ago.

What would you do?

Obviously, you can’t access it now as it has gone for good.

This may happen if your work demands the old URL. This is exactly why you need to keep your searched items safe, not just for 90 days, but forever.

So, whenever you require the old URL, you can access it again without having to through any hassle.

By applying any one of the given ways, you may easily have your hands on your chrome history and you can keep it forever. Read on.

Best Methods to Save Chrome History Forever

Saving chrome history isn’t a mystery anymore. I will describe a couple of methods that will help you save your chrome history forever, not just for 90 days.

Here are the top two ways to save chrome history:

Method 1: Save Chrome History via ChromeHistoryView Tool

The most portable method to save chrome history is done via the small utility program ChromeHistoryView.

ChromeHistoryView is a highly commendable utility tool that enables you to access all the browsing history.

Not only does it display the URLs you have visited till now, but it also shows the Date, Time, number of times you visited the specific URL, and also the visiting ID.

To retain your visited URL or entire browsing history, you need to have the number of items selected already. Then you can export the selected items in well-supported export files such as XML, Text, CSV, or HTML.

Now that you have a fair understanding of ChromeHistoryView. Let’s tell you more about installing or downloading it.

Follow these steps to download the ChromeHistoryView tool:

1. First of all, download the utility tool by clicking on the link

2. Just when the download completes, you will find a zip file of it.

3. Extract the zip file.

4. Now run the .exe file from the zip file.

5. By clicking on the .exe file, ChromeHistoryView Window will open.

6. No installing process will be required as the utility is portable.

After successfully downloading the utility, follow these steps to export the URLs:

1. Navigate up to the File.

2. Click on the option “save selected items”

3. Now choose your preferred file format to export.

4. Select the destination of your exported file.

5. Click on the “Save” option.

That’s it. Now your system has the Chrome History that has been deleted a while back. Open your web browser and go through your history whenever you want.

Method 2: Save Chrome History via History Trends Unlimited Extension

History Trends Unlimited is a free browser extension.

Google Chrome lets its users freely use this extension without having them pay for it. This super-friendly extension syncs your browsing history to be settled in the local server.

Whenever you want to save your browsing history forever. You may have all the previously browsed URLs in the saving files.

These are the installation steps you need to follow:

1. Now click on the link to download History Trends Unlimited

2. Click on Add to chrome.

3. It will initiate the downloading of extensions.

4. Now look at the right top corner of chrome, you will see the extension’s icon.

5. Click that extension’s icon.

6. A new tab will be opened in the browser. There you may access your browsing history, the number of visits on particular URLs, and the most searched items.

7. Go to Options.

8. Click on the Export History option to have all the search history saved on your system.

9. Now you have all the searched history in a text file.

10. Open the text file to see the browsing history that you have fetched from your browser via the History Trends Unlimited extension.

11. Navigate to the search tab to look for a particular URL you want. It will appear on the top.

Still need assistance ? have a look at the below provided video tutorial…


It is your choice to use any one of the above-mentioned methods to save chrome history forever. Both will do the job and you can keep your browsing history forever.

Got any queries? Ask away.

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