How to Uninstall Or Reinstall Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 10

Uninstalling or reinstalling may seem an easy thing to do but it fixes a lot of Driver issues.

Sometimes, the Bluetooth functionality in your Windows 10 PC or laptop doesn’t successfully pair with the available devices.

The reason for this failure might be a faulty or defective driver in your windows OS.

Almost all the latest PCs and laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth adaptor that lets users connect wirelessly with their desired devices.

However, the Bluetooth feature usually stops working for a while or so. There is no need to worry as it’s common.

And few troubleshooting solutions especially reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver can bring things back to normal.

In this post, I will walk you through some easy and straightforward solutions for making your Bluetooth feature work again.

Make sure to keep your focus on reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver as it can solve more than half of the Bluetooth connection issues.

When Do You Need To Reinstall The Bluetooth Driver?

Bluetooth might not be as popular as Wi-Fi, but some users need it to keep things going within a wireless network.

Even after installing and downloading the Bluetooth adaptor or Driver on your PC, it can still get stuck. Tells a lot about how wireless devices are not always 100% reliable. You have to push their functionality by a few workarounds.

When the Bluetooth feature in your laptop intermittently fails to establish a connection with your preferred wireless devices, troubleshooting becomes necessary.

The best troubleshooting solution for the Bluetooth feature to work again is reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver of your Windows version.

This is why you need to reinstall the Driver so you continue to share files and whatever you want.

You don’t need to appoint any tech expert as reinstalling Bluetooth Driver in your Windows 10 laptop is easily doable.

Without further ado, let’s make headway towards the reliable methods to reinstall the Bluetooth Driver.

Before you reinstall any Driver, it is obvious that you have to UNINSTALL it first. So, let’s first see how to uninstall the Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10.

How To Uninstall the Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10?

Uninstalling the driver removes any unnecessary bug or error from your laptop’s system. It is an authentic solution for unsuccessful Bluetooth connections.

Here are the steps to uninstall the Bluetooth driver in Windows 10:

Step #1: Open Device Manager

First, you need to open Device Manager. To do that, go to the Start button on your taskbar. Right-click on the Start button, the Device Manager option will appear. Click on it.

reinstall bluetooth driver

Step #2: Locate Bluetooth Adaptor Entry

Locate the Bluetooth category within the Device Manager option. Spread up the Bluetooth option to see the Bluetooth adaptor’s entry.

Step #3: Open Uninstall Device Dialog Box

To open up the Uninstall dialog box, right-click on the Bluetooth adaptor’s entry. Now tap on the Uninstall Device option, a dialog box will appear.

Step #4: Finally Uninstall Bluetooth Driver

After tapping on the Uninstall Device option, a dialog box saying Delete the driver software for this device will appear.

Look slightly down and click on the Uninstall button.

After performing all these mentioned steps, the Driver will vanish from your laptop.

Moreover, the working of the relevant feature will also stop along with the driver’s disappearance.

But note that the Driver can comeback automatically whenever your PC or laptop goes through Windows Update Service.

How To Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver In Windows 10?

Now that you have successfully uninstalled the Bluetooth Driver from your Windows 10. The Bluetooth adaptor won’t work.

I am listing down two methods to reinstall the Bluetooth. One method is an automatic one and another one is done via Settings. You can opt for any method according to your preference. Most probably any of the methods can get the job done.

Here are four different methods for reinstalling specifically when you’re using Window’s 10:

Method #1 Reinstall Bluetooth Driver Manually.

  1. After successful uninstallation of your driver, you’ll have to go to your hardware manufacturer’s website.
  2. You should know, your hardware manufacturer and model number of your laptop / PC in order to proceed and download the right drivers for your Bluetooth device.
  3. To guide you properly we’ll assume that we have an “HP 1000-1140TU Notebook PC”.
  4. So let’s begin, Open up and simply type in the model number of your laptop/PC. In our case, the search query will be “HP 1000-1140TU Notebook PC Drivers for Windows 10”.
  5. Click on the first result that pops up. “if it’s relevant and official”.
  6. It should show up the relevant drivers, for your device, even some manufacturers have an auto-detect driver application as well, which simply detect, locate, and install the missing drivers on your operating system, anyhow if your desired drivers aren’t showing up simply select an operating system and system architecture in my case it’s Windows 8 and 64 bit > The relevant drivers should appear on the screen.

  7. Bluetooth device drivers are usually listed under the network drivers category.
  8. Now simply, Select your desired driver to download and install it on your PC.
  9. After the installation, your Bluetooth device errors should be resolved successfully.

The above steps may vary a little bit according to your manufacturer’s website, but the basic concept should get you there.

in-case, you don’t know your device model or you are still unable to find the appropriate driver software, then, simply move on to the next method.

Method #2 Reinstall Bluetooth Driver via 3rd Party Application.

You can use any 3rd party software application you want to but I recommend using the IObit Driver Booster setup, as I have been using it for years.

Anyhow, let’s move to the step by step guide on how you can find and install your missing Bluetooth driver.

  1. Download and install IObit driver booster trial setup.exe.
  2. After installation, it’ll ask you to scan for missing drivers.
  3. Wait for the process to get complete.
  4. After that, it’ll provide a list of missing drivers.
  5. Select the missing Bluetooth driver and click the update/install button.

This should install your Bluetooth Driver successfully.

Method #3: Reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver Automatically

Follow the given directions to reinstall the Bluetooth Driver automatically in your Windows 10 laptop:

  1. Establish a successful connection between your Windows 10 laptop and the available computer network.
  2. Your laptop will begin to search for a suitable Bluetooth Driver for downloading, Click on the flagged Bluetooth Device on the navigation panel to reinstall the Bluetooth Driver.
  3. Over the preceding Window, make sure to select the .exe file preferable for the Window 10 version.
  4. Click on the Install button.
  5. The Bluetooth Driver will be installed automatically.
  6. During these operations, make sure that the default installation for the corresponding Drivers is set as Automatic under Windows Update Services.

Method #4: Reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver Via Settings Feature

Another method that ensures a successful reinstallation of the Bluetooth Driver is done via Settings.

You have to make some changes in the Settings option to keep your Windows 10 updated.

Follow these steps to update your Windows 10 to its latest build version so you smoothly have Bluetooth Driver reinstalled on your laptop.

  1. First of all, simultaneously press the Win & I buttons to bring up the Settings
  2. The Settings app will appear on your screen.
  3. Now go to the Update & Security
  4. A list will appear.
  5. From the appearing list, select the Windows Update.
  6. Move to the right side/plane and locate Download
  7. Click on the Download
  8. The pending updates including Bluetooth Driver will be updated to replace the corrupt one.
  9. The last step requires you to restart your Windows 10 laptop so the changes made finally appear.

Now that you have reinstalled the Bluetooth Driver, you may need to reactivate the Bluetooth services before establishing any connection.

That’s an important check to verify if your device is even working or not after the re-installation process.

Proceed further.

How To Activate Bluetooth Services in Windows 10 After Successfully Installing Bluetooth Driver?

Before you start using Bluetooth services after reinstallation. Make sure you have set its status as Automatic & Running under Windows Update Services.

Here are the directions you need to follow to do this:

1.Press the Win and S buttons simultaneously.

2.The Search dialog box will appear.

3.Within the taskbar, type Services.

4.Click on the suitable search result.

5.On the next screen, You will see the Bluetooth User Support Services on the right-hand side.

6.Right-click on  Bluetooth User Support Services “option” and select Properties by clicking on it.

7.Click on the Automatic under Startup

8.Click Start and then OK as soon as the Services Status says Stopped.

9.The last step requires you to Reboot/Restart your Windows 10 laptop to save the changes made.

After doing this, you can verify the services by transferring some file from your cell phone to laptop or vice versa.

I’ve also explained details in a bit more comprehensive way when your Bluetooth driver gets an error and needs a fix.

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Whenever your Bluetooth device starts acting up weird, it is necessary to uninstall or reinstall the Bluetooth Driver. You can use the above-mentioned methods for the successful reinstallation of Bluetooth Drivers in Windows 10 laptops.

Got any queries? Ask away. I will reach out.

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