What is Modern Setup Host & How To Fix High CPU Usage Problems?

The sluggishness of computers at times when they are being updated is one of the things that frustrates people the most. As a result, not only is it difficult for you to use your computer, but it affects the amount of work you get done since your computer operates slower.

What is Modern Host Setup?

Microsoft developed and distributes an operating system known as Windows, which is one of the most popular on the market. As with all software, it does have its flaws, but at times certain patches are released by the manufacturer to rectify these. It is possible to download these Updates directly through the computer and to install them afterward with your operating system.

Usually, Modern Setup Host runs in the background when a new update is installed, so it usually doesn’t need to be explicitly started. Installation takes place automatically on the computer and is located most commonly in the $Windows.BT folder. An upgrade to Windows 10 occurs when this host triggers it on the computer.

Within Windows 10 it can be found in the folder $Window.BT

These are the two most commonly reported Modern Setup Host issues, based on user posts.

1. Modern Setup Host consumes a lot of CPU power.

2. Modern Setup Host is no longer working.

Why Modern Setup Host consumes so much power?

A few reasons can be responsible for Modern Setup Host consuming too much power.

1. Large update is downloading to a hard drive that has a low read/write speed.

2. Slow SetupHost.exe is being caused by another resource or task running.

3. Your setuphost.exe process is infected with malicious software or a virus.

6 Best Solutions to Fix Modern Setup Host No Longer Working

People of all ages have complained of not being able to finish a software update because their computers keep giving them the error “Modern Setup service has stopped working”. The lack of free space on your system might be responsible for this.

Each of these solutions is geared towards troubleshooting Windows Update errors and they apply to both of the issues. There are some solutions for High CPU and High Disk Usage Problems.

Solution 1: Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

To begin with, you may try to run the Windows Update troubleshooter. Microsoft includes it in Windows 10 as a way of troubleshooting Windows Update errors. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to download the troubleshooter from Microsoft. You may have to perform a few steps to run the Windows update troubleshooter.

1. To open the Start menu then simply press the Windows logo key on your keyboard.

2. Click on the Troubleshoot link from the result list below after typing troubleshoot in the search box.

3. Start the troubleshooter by going to Windows Update.

4. Make sure the Troubleshoot is detected and resolve the problems.

You can follow these steps if you have any other version:

1. You can start by downloading the troubleshooter from Microsoft Website.

2. The downloaded file can be opened by double-clicking it once it has completed downloading.

3. Choose Windows Update, and then Next.

4. Now check whether the troubleshooter identifies and solves all the problems.

Note: In the event that the problem is detected or marked as Not fixed, resolve the problem using other solutions.

Solution 2: Use Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

There are instances where Windows Updates will fail if there is any corruption on the files inside the images. In such cases, you can use the command-line tool DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) to repair them.

Following are the steps to run DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management)

1. First you need to press the Windows logo key on the keyboard in order to get the Start menu.

2. Right-click the result of the search by typing cmd(command prompt) in the search box, then choose Run as administrator from the menu on the right.

3. You need to enter the following commands and press Enter after each command.

After you run those commands, check for Windows Updates or upgrade your PC as directed to determine whether or not the Modern Setup Host problem still exists, in which case choose an alternative solution.

Solution 3: Cleaning the boot

Interference from your background programs may cause the failure of your Windows update. The best way to make sure the interference is eliminated is to perform a clean boot. A clean boot starts

Windows with only the minimal set of drivers and programs.

1. You can do this on your keyboard by pressing and holding the Windows logo key, then pressing R to open a Run box.

2. Typing MSConfig” on the keyboard will bring up the Msconfig tool.

3. You can uncheck Load startup items in System Configuration under the General tab.

4. Once you have done so, go to the Services tab and select Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all.

5. Now open the Task Manager by clicking the Startup tab.

6. You can Disable every startup item on the Startup tab of Task Manager by right-clicking through each entry.

7. In the System Configuration tab, click OK to go back to the Startup tab of the System.

8. Now Start your computer again.

After rebooting your system, check for Windows Update or upgrade in accordance with the information you have obtained in order to determine whether the Modern Setup Host problem still exists. If the problem occurs again then choose another solution.

Solution 4: Check your Computer is set to the default system language

If your system language isn’t set to the same as the default system UI language (the installed language of the system on your computer) Windows Update may probably encounter problems.

So be sure to set the default system language the same as the installed language of your system.

Your system language might not be the same as the installed language on your computer, which may cause problems with Windows Update. It is therefore recommended to have the default system language must be the same as the language installed on your system.

The following steps will help you determine your default system language:

1. To bring up the Start menu, press the Windows logo key on your keyboard.

2. Run Command Prompt or cmd by right-clicking from the result menu and selecting Run as administrator.

3. Press Enter after typing dism /online /get-intl.

4. When you do this, you will automatically see your default system language.

The following instructions will help you check your system language:

Here are the steps you need to follow if you are using Windows 10:

1. Now press the Window logo key on your keyboard, a Windows Settings will appear.

2. If you want to change the time and language then click Time & Language.

3. If the language is not the one that is currently set to your default user interface then click Region & language and make sure it is set.

Now you need to set it up to load your system’s default UI language. In order to find out whether the Modern Setup Host problem still exists, check if your PC has a Windows Update installed, or make sure your PC has been upgraded as you recommend.

Follow these steps if you are using any other Windows version:

1. Use your keyboard by pressing and holding the Windows logo key, then pressing R to open a Run box.

2. Press Enter after typing control.

3. Now click on the Language and Region buttons when the View by Large icons are selected.

4. Make sure the language is set to the default language you generally use on your system.

Whenever you change the language, it must be set to the default system UI language. Check if the Modern Setup Host problem is still there by checking for Windows Updates or by upgrading your PC, as appropriate.

Solution 5: Go to Software Distribution and delete all the items

The Software Distribution folder in Windows 10 is essential for Windows Update, storing the temporary files needed for Windows update installation.

Temporary files located in the SoftwareDistribution folder could occasionally cause Windows Update to fail. To resolve the issue, delete these files by following these steps:

1. Use your keyboard by pressing and holding the Windows logo key, then pressing R to open a Run box.

2. Now paste the Software Distribution downloader and then press Enter.

3. You can delete the Software Distribution Download folder simply by holding the Ctrl Key while picking the items in the Software Distribution Download folder.

4. Click on Do this for all new items and Continue when prompted for administrator permission.

5. Now Restart your computer.

If the Modern Setup Host problem still persists, check for Windows Update or upgrade your PC according to your preferences.

Solution 6: Disable Windows Update on your computer

It is advised that you disable Windows Update on your computer if you don’t plan on installing any Windows Updates or upgrading to Windows 10, in order to resolve the Modern Setup Host problem.

The following steps will allow you to block Windows Updates:

1. Use your keyboard by pressing Windows + R to open a Run box.

2. Enter “services.msc” in the Run box.

3. Click on the Windows Update service on the open Services window then right-click it and select Properties.

4. You can disable Startup type by selecting Disabled under the General tab and hitting Stop.

5. Select Get Data from Server, and then in the First Failure section, make sure that Take No Action is selected.

6. Next, select OK.

Once your system has restarted, check to see if the Modern Setup Host problem still exists in accordance with the information you obtained. You can use these solutions for high CPU usage and high disk usage.


1. Can we end the Modern setup Host?

Disabling Windows Update is one way to eliminate the Modern Setup Host problem. If Windows Update is present in the window, right-click on it and then select Properties from the options. To disable Startup Type, navigate to the General Tab and ensure that it is set to Disabled.

2. Which is the modern setup host in Microsoft?

A component of your Windows operating system called Modern Setup Host is installed with your system and can be located in the $Windows.BT folder and runs in the background during updates. It comes installed with your system and can be found at the $Windows.BT folder.

3. How important is a modern setup host?

It is, however, important to check if your PC’s CPU usage has reached dangerous levels. You need to make sure that the programs you’re downloading have not been digitally signed by the manufacturer.


Installing the Windows updates is often frustrating when you can’t use your CPU and RAM when they’re being used by the updates. Various solutions may be used for fixing CPU and disk usage problems.

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