Where do Print Screens Go in Windows 10?

Simply by taking a screenshot, you may quickly preserve and share the current page you are browsing. The screenshot will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder. Screenshots may be taken in a variety of methods in Windows. Screen capture on a Windows PC can be accomplished by using keyboard shortcuts and the built-in screenshot tool. However, there are times when you are unable to locate your screen capture photos.

In most cases, Windows stores your screenshots in a specific folder on your computer. On the other hand, some users have reported that they cannot locate the screenshots on their PC after capturing them. They have trouble finding the Print Screen key, particularly if they are trying to snap screenshots with it.

First and foremost, you should be aware that there are various methods for screenshotting on your computer. Screenshots are saved to your desktop or in a default place, and you can alter the location of the screenshot folder in Windows 10 by selecting File > Change Screenshot Folder.

Where Do Screenshots Go on a Computer?

It is standard practice for screenshots not to be stored on the desktop. Alternatively, the screenshots folder may have vanished without a trace. The locations listed below are potential places for storing Windows screenshots. You can still figure out where screenshots are saved on a Windows 10 computer.

1. Copying screenshots to the clipboard:

It is often necessary to paste a screenshot into a photo editing software like Paint before saving it somewhere else since print screens are copied to your clipboard. Although the default place for saving photos recommended by Paint is This PC, you may explore and select a different location when you save a picture as a screenshot.

2. Save screenshots to the Screenshots Folder on your computer.

Windows 10 and users who want to capture a screenshot should press the Windows key, and the PrtScn key at the same time will find their screenshot saved by default in the Screenshots folder.

What is the Location of the Windows screenshots folder? You will be able to access the C Drive Users folder at this time. Select Username and then Pictures from the drop-down menu. Later on, you will be able to access the Screenshots folder. This is the Location where your screenshots are saved on a Windows PC.

3. Snip and Sketch

When you use Snip & Sketch to take screenshots, the software proposes that you put the results in the Pictures folder, but you may specify a different place. The applications may remember the new Folder you navigated to, and this Folder will be offered the next time you save a screenshot.

4. Save Screen Shots to a Capture Folder

The Game Bar, available to Windows 10 users, provides an additional tool for taking screenshots on the operating system. Captures are stored in the Captures folder when you take a screenshot using the Game bar in Windows 10 or by pressing the Windows, Alt, and PrtScn buttons on your keyboard. Windows 10 screenshots are stored in your Videos library, which you can locate in your Documents library.

5. Using One Drive to Save Screen Shots

When it comes to where screenshots are stored on a PC running Windows 10, there is also another reasonable solution: OneDrive. Whether your screenshots from Windows 10 have vanished, you may visit the OneDrive app to see if they are still there. With the OneDrive autosave function, screenshots taken on your Windows 10 computer will be immediately uploaded and saved to OneDrive for safekeeping.

OneDrive Settings may be accessed if you choose to save screenshots to your computer’s hard drive rather than OneDrive. Select Auto Save as the saving method, and then select This PC Only as the destination folder. As a result, the photos that are recorded will be stored on the local hard drive.

How to Change Default Screenshots Location?

In this part, we will demonstrate how to alter the default location of screenshots.

Here is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Open the File Explorer.

Step 2: Select the Screenshots folder and then Properties from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Navigate to the Location tab in the pop-up box that appears. Once this is done, you can see where the Screenshots folder is now located.

Step 4: To change the Location, click on the Location tab.

Step 5: Click on Move to Continue.

Step 6: Now Choose a New Location.

Step 7: Select your new Folder by navigating to it and pressing “Select Folder”

Step 8: In the screenshot folder properties window, select the Apply button.

Step 9: To accept the folder relocation, choose “Yes”

Step 10: Agree to Redirect.

After completing all of the procedures, you will have successfully relocated the Screenshot folder to a new place.


What is the Location of PrtScn?

Fn + Windows + PrtScn – This shortcut takes a snapshot of the whole screen and stores it as a file on the computer’s hard drive without needing additional software. The snapshot is saved in the Screenshots folder of the Pictures library, which is accessible through the Start menu. On a conventional keyboard, it is the same as hitting Windows + PrtScn at the same time.

How can I modify the print screen settings on my computer?

Print Screen can be changed by clicking in a certain location and then pressing the Print Screen key. Select the Selection, Effects, and Sharing options that you want to use. To take a screenshot using the specified settings, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

In Windows 10, where can I find the screenshot folder?

Do you know what the Location of the Windows screenshots folder is? Unless you use a third-party program to take a screenshot, all screenshots were taken in Windows 10 are saved in the same default folder, Screenshots. It may be found in the Pictures folder, which is located within your user folder.

On a Mac, where do screenshots go?

If you use a keyboard shortcut to capture a screenshot on a Mac, your screenshots will be saved to the desktop instead. Screenshots are saved to the desktop on a Mac. If required, you may navigate to Utilities and choose Screenshots to modify the Location where screenshots are saved on your Mac.


It is explained in detail in this post Where do print screens go in Windows 10. A few handy suggestions for using this capability are also provided, like capturing screenshots of your desktop and storing them as files so that you may change the location of those files. We hope you found our blog post to be helpful.

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