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Looking for a safe, secure & Original & Official ISO File for downloading the Windows 10 PRO edition? well, you are at the right place, because we are providing Windows 10 PRO ISO retail version by Microsoft Build 10240 single click direct resume-able download link for free. Above of all Windows 7 & Windows, 8 Customers can use this edition “That we have provided” to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 full version without using MS Windows Store.

Below we have provided Microsoft Windows 10 PRO ISO Bootable file full version download free for 32 bit and 64 bit. By the way, You can also Download Genuine & Original Windows 10 Pro ISO (DVD) from this Official Microsoft Link but you must have Windows 8 product key in order to do so.

By: Microsoft Corporation.
Size: 3.71 GB 64 bit & 2.77 GB 32 bit.
Updated: 08/30/2018 (3:50 PM)
License Type: shareware.
Language: English.


Overview of Windows 10 PRO :

Windows 10 Pro is owned by Microsoft Corporation & it is the latest version of its legendary operating system called “Windows”

You probably already know that Windows operating system is most common and probably used in all PC and laptops. You can download Windows 10 pro iso from our website to make your PC more functional and secure. There are other releases of Windows 10 too like, Windows 10 home and Windows 10 enterprise are also available on our site for downloading.

There is No doubt that Windows 10 is the most secure operating system ever. If you are using Windows 10 then you have protected from viruses and spam files too.

You can lock your PC and connect with your Hotmail account to make it more secure.

Your PC usage and activity can be tracked easily through your connected Microsoft account. Windows 10 pro has a lot of features like its application store, 3D editor, painting, screenshot, multi-tasking, sticky notes, Pandora, Microsoft office, and much more.

Windows 10 has its own artificial intelligence which is known as Cortana. it can do anything, you have to just tap and speak the action you want Cortana to do.

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Windows 10 pro has a lot of features which are really appreciated, Some of them are given below

Windows 10 PRO edition Features & Functionalities :

There are some additional features of Windows 10 pro like VPN which is used to make your own virtual private network through this you can change your system location to browse safely and anonymously. The night light is the new feature in Windows 10 update in which your screen light color will be converted according to the night environment, It protects you from an eye infection and harmful rays.

You can set up a mobile hotspot in your windows 10 pro to connect to your mobile for sharing internet service. You can directly turn on Bluetooth on your PC through Windows 10 and you can share your files via Bluetooth.

You can project your screen by connecting with a projector to display it on a big screen. Battery saver is another best feature of Windows 10 in which you will be restricted to use some applications when your battery is in a critical stage or lower than 20%.

You will be notified to charge your laptop if your charging is lower than the limit.

You can also use tablet mode. confused? Oh, have you ever screened a tablet? Your Windows mode will be changed into tablet mode. Table mode in Windows 10 is attractive because It shows your App in very beautiful tiles.

System Requirements for installing Windows 10 Pro edition :

The minimum hardware requirements are listed below.

  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit).
  • Hard Disk Space: 16 GB of available hard-disk space for installation.
  • Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor (2 GHz or faster).

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro edition PROs & CONs (Advantages & Disadvantages) :

Pros :

  • Windows 10 pro is a secure operating system for your PC.
  • You can track theft in case of robbery or stealing if you’re using windows 10.
  • Windows 10 is the only operating system that stops installing spam and virus files.
  • You can play Xbox games and run applications from your Microsoft app store.
  • You can do multiple tasks on multiple desktops.
  • You can sync your Windows phone with your Windows 10 through which you can check your contacts, files, and storage of your phone via PC.

Cons :

As I’ve told you that if you are getting many useful things but in case of any minor issue then you don’t have to become so possessive just go on.

  • There is only one bad thing I’ve felt and that is updates. You’ll get many updates day by day if you are using
  • Windows 10 pro, because Microsoft developers are struggling to make it better with the passage of time.
  • Your PC must be in good condition with good specifications because Windows 10 is higher than other operating systems.
  • Windows 10 is the only operating system that consumes more battery.

Short & Quick Review about Microsoft Windows 10 Pro :

It is not possible to describe the advantages and features of Windows 10 in a single post because Windows 10 is the biggest operating system that is useful for modern age users.

You can enjoy games, applications, and other stuff only on Windows 10 pro. You just have to download windows 10 pro iso and change your digital life.

Have you observed that in the past versions you had to download everything from the internet but here in Windows 10 everything is pre-build? You don’t need to download Chrome or any other web browser through internet explorer because now Windows 10 pro is offering Microsoft edge to browse more securely and in the perfect way.

You can stream live videos and movies easily. In Windows 10 there are many other software that is related to many practical fields.

Windows 10
PRO ISO free Download

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