Windows 8.1 ISO Free Download

Windows 8.1 ISO file free download. Full standalone Windows 8.1 all in one ISO, enterprise edition, professional edition, core edition download setup file for both 32bit and 64bit architecture. Direct Download Windows 8.1 for all editions.

Windows 8.1 Introduction:

Brand Overview:

Windows 8.1 was developed, distributed and marketed by Microsoft. Also, it got the code name Blue. It was released on 17 October 2013 and available for more than 20 languages. It is preceded by Windows 8 and succeeded by Windows 10 and compatible with 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) bit architecture.

Version Features:

Windows 8.1 basically an upgrade from Microsoft Windows 8 with the fixing of bugs and User interface problems. It got the of the most demanding feature know as Start button shown windows logo and can show start menu after clicking. After successful login, user may land on the desktop screen or the start menu depends on the choice made by user. When a user moves its mouse cursor to the top right or top left corner, he may see the recently opened application list. It got the metro style tile-based graphical user interface which is available in small size or large size. Some touchscreen feature had been supported by it, like user may view the apps list by swiping the bottom side of start screen also, by sliding you may get the shutdown options.

Additional Features:

Windows 8.1 got the bing smart search feature which will also get the related apps from Windows store based on your search query and data available on PC. Furthermore, by using Bing food and drink app a foodie user may find any recipe of the world made by any chief by just searching it on the app. Multi-window mode let the user split the desktop screen into two parts, User may work on one screen and on the other part he may listen to the news or weather update. By utilizing, the free Bing fitness and health app user may choose among 1000 available exercises courses video clips, also he may get the symptoms if not feeling alright.

On the lock screen, user may enjoy images taken from their camera or SkyDrive also able to capture an image using webcam of its computing device. From Windows 8.1 and onwards and a single page is present for updating all windows setting in one place, so normal user can easily navigate to common settings and change it according to requirements.

Windows 8.1 Summary:

  • Windows 8.1 is released due to many bugs found in the Windows 8 and critique did by normal windows Users like start menu disappear.
  • Start button again appears, Which got a full-screen metro style tile-based user interface, start typing and it will show results against the search query.
  • After successfully login, user again lands on the desktop screen, rather then some full-scale start menu.
  • Multi-screen feature split user screen so that user work on both screens parallel and consistently.
  • All PC setting like Display, power, Bluetooth, devices, mouse & touchpad can be found in a single page.

Windows 8.1 Technical details:

File Name Windows_8.1_AIO_32bit_64bit.iso & more
Size 5.56 GB and more
Architecture 32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Article added on 23 Dec 2017
License Trial version

Windows 8.1 System Requirements:

RAM 2 GB or higher
Hard Disk Space 20 GB of free space required
Processor 1 GHz or later recommended

Windows 8.1 Free Download:

ISO file of Windows 8.1 free download. Windows 8.1 full all in one ISO, enterprise, professional, core download for both 32bit and 64bit processor.

Win 8.1 All in one (5.56 GB)

Win 8.1 Enterprise 32Bit (2.70 GB)

Win 8.1 Enterprise 64Bit (3.68 GB)

Win 8.1 Professional 32Bit & 64Bit (4.32 GB)

Win 8.1 Core 32Bit (2.86 GB)

Win 8.1 Core 64Bit (3.83 GB)