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Windows XP ISO file for home edition, professional edition 32bit, and 64bit architecture free download.

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Windows XP Introduction:

Brand Introduction – Windows XP is a century most favorite operating system developed, marketed and distributed by Microsoft Windows. It is Preceded by Windows 2000 and succeeded by Windows Vista. Its codename is Whistler, which is part of the Windows NT family.

Windows NT family latest version was released on 14th November 2017 which is Windows 10 version 1709. It was officially released on October 2001 for public use. Before its release, Bill Gates claimed that it was the last version of Windows NT family, and 100 percent bug-free.

Due to its popularity and number of bugs its had further three services pack know as services pack 1, services pack 2, services pack 3.

Windows XP Features:

Windows XP comes with tons of features, tools, and advancement as compared to the Windows 2000 or Windows 98. The graphical user interface enhanced and got a new awesome look. New Start menu is introduced which allow the user to directly launch an important application.

User can easily view the currently running application using the taskbar feature. Taskbar follows Fitt’s law which improves the usability feature.

You may lock the taskbar which prevents it from accidentally deleting any running application. Windows Explorer had improved a loot, which has two columns layout. On left side drives shortcut and on right side folder details, creating time, size and other attributes are shown. Also, in Windows Explorer user easily sorts the files using the details view option.

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Microsoft search companion is more helpful when you want to search file. Its search engine utilizes powerful, algorithms to search document, audio, video and other files on PC.

By using the remote desktop connection user easily make a remote connection to another PC and user their resources. If the user installs the devices drivers which causes any system instability it has the option to rollback the driver installation.

There is also builtin CD burner which will let you burn your CD using Windows Explorer without any third-party software. In Windows XP professional edition, encrypted files and folders can be accessed by multiple users. It supports High definition audio hardware, USB 2.0, Image scanner and more.

Device manager let you install or update your favorite hardware device drivers by searching it online. Utility manager let you know the status of your program and user had the option to start or stop any program at login, a lock of windows or when utility manager start.

Windows XP had some built games which were evergreen to the 90’s Kid like Pinball, Minesweeper, Solitaire and more. Text to speech option was introduced, followed by voice pitch, speed, and other important attributes.

A built-in browser was also introduced named as IE6 or internet explorer 6, a family member of internet explorer. IE6 had been released with security flaws, due to which user privacy and data were at risk. Later on, Microsoft fixed the bugs and all security flaws on the next version of IE known as IE7.

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Windows XP Summary:

  1. Windows XP was one of the most successful projects of Microsoft due to its stunning features like Text to speech, Animation based search, games and more.
  2. Start menu lets you run your most favorite programs like media player, games and more with the click of a button.
  3. Task manager shows the currently running application, with the option to close the running application or lock the taskbar.
  4. Advanced search let you find your file or folder in no time, supported by animation character like dog, magician and more.
  5. Device manager let you search & install any hardware driver by searching it online.
  6. Driver rollback option let you remove and hardware driver if it creates any problem with your computer.

Windows XP Free Download:

Windows XP free download ISO file for 32bit and 64bit architecture. Direct high-speed link to download Windows XP Bootable ISO for home and professional edition.

Windows XP Technical details:

File Name, win_xp_pro.iso, win_xp_pro_64bit.iso
Size 571 MB, 618 MB, 516 MB
Architecture 32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Article added on 25 Nov 2017
License Trial version

Windows XP System Requirements:

RAM 256 MB or higher
Hard Disk Space 1.6 GB of free space required
Processor Intel Pentium 2 or later

Windows XP
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